Italy Travel News 05/19/2011

  • Study Debunks Italian Stereotypes

    This sounds like an exceptionally interesting study, although I want more information… Such as – all those "bankers" in the north who claim an income lower than the poverty level? How many of them are claiming their ACTUAL incomes and not grossly under-reporting them? Lots of unanswered questions here, but it's a very interesting start. (via @michellefabio in Twitter)

  • Space Shuttle Endeavour over Italy today

    I love these astronauts tweeting from space… Here's the spur of Italy's boot as seen from the International Space Station.

  • Sardinia and its Illegal Cheese

    Would you eat cheese that was full of maggots? What if the maggots were put there on purpose? Yes, really. Learn more about casu marzu, the "illegal" cheese of Sardinia!

  • 7 Favorite iPhone Apps for Italy Travel

    Here are some of my favorite iPhone apps for traveling in Italy – what are yours?



  • ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Nicole Nearly Falls Off Bridge in Italy

    Right, because it makes perfect sense that when you're in Italy, you go climbing off of bridges. (What is this girl THINKING?!?) (via @CiaoLaura on Twitter)

  • Can a toe provide the answer to Mona Lisa mystery?

    Archaeologists digging in the convent in Florence found a toe – the first part of the skeleton they believe is the body of the model for da Vinci's famous portrait, Mona Lisa.

  • ‘Mona Lisa’s skull’ found in Italian convent crypt

    And after the toe, they soon found the skull – it's all about Mona Lisa's smile, so the articles are all about whether the skull will solve the mystery of that smile. (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Expecting the unexpected

    This is a FANTASTIC post on what to expect when traveling in Italy – it's full of things that might surprise you if you haven't been to Italy before, and the best part is that it's written by an Italian so there's a different perspective from what I would tell you. Read this one (a few times if you have to) & learn from it.

  • 18° Scudetto

    Okay, I promise I'll stop going ON AND ON about my team winning the Italian championship this year… Eventually. Until then, here's the official set on Flickr of photos from the team's celebrations both at the San Siro stadium as well as the parade through the streets of Milan.

  • The Intersection of Paradise & La (Agro) Dolce Vita

    If you've ever thought that living as an expat in Italy would be paradise, be sure to read this post. A particular favorite line for me was this: "There’s nothing magical about Italy that makes the annoyances of daily life less frustrating." It's a really eloquent piece by my blogging & podcasting friend Michelle.

  • Florence most family-friendly destination in Europe

    A TripAdvisor survey has just come out naming Florence the most family-friendly city in Europe (Rome comes in at #6, so Italy ranks highly overall). via @italofileblog on Twitter