Italy Travel News 05/23/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: May 22nd through May 23rd:




  • Milan Metro Cuff
    If, by chance, you happen to love jewelry, Milan AND public transportation, then I'd be willing to bet you'll love the Milan Metro Cuff almost as much as I do. (via @ehalvey on Twitter)
  • Rome Resources
    This is a fantastic round-up of Rome travel resources available online, from things to do to places to eat to how to get around. I'm proud to have a couple of WhyGo Italy's Rome articles included on this list – I'm in very good company! If you're going to Rome, you really need to check out this array of resources.
  • Witness: The murder of Giovanni Falcone
    The 20th anniversary of the murder of anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone just passed on May 23rd. This audio program includes an interview with Falcone's former colleague, and it's absolutely worth a listen. (via @JohnDickie1 on Twitter)
  • How to not get robbed
    There are precautions you can take against looking like a target that pickpockets in Italy will go after, but this post also gives you some ammunition – what to look for so you can spot a would-be pickpocket before they're anywhere near your wallet. (via @katja_dlam on Twitter)
  • How to seduce in Italian
    This may be a niche topic, not advisable if you're traveling in Italy with your sweetie, but here's a list of pick-up lines and bedroom banter in Italian!
  • 4 spots that make you taste something else in Rome
    Craving something other than Italian food during a longer-than-average stay in Rome? Here are a few spots to get good foreign fare. (via @scooteromatours on Twitter)
  • Traditions of the Land: Food in Italy Part I
    I love this profile of two of the most famous food exports from the Emilia-Romagna – parmigiano-reggiano and Parma ham. Plus, the photos are gorgeous.
  • Over a fifth of households in south in ‘relative poverty’
    Southern Italy has long been economically more disadvantaged than the north, and recent statistics still tell the same story.
  • Life in Italy vs. Spain
    This blog post about the process of buying stamps in Rome & Barcelona is amusing, but it surprised me – I mean, I've heard horror stories about the Poste Italiane, but I've never had problems buying postcard stamps at a tabaccaio before!
  • Police arrest mayor of Pantelleria
    The mayor of this Sicilian town was arrested for allegedly accepting a bribe to employ a local businessman's son in the town hall.