Italy Travel News 05/25/2011

  • The Radar: Italy Edition

    Hey, the National Geographic Intelligent Travel blog linked to a story on WhyGo Italy! Yes, the NatGeo geek in me likes that very, very much…

  • Snooki, Pauly D and pals sell pizza in Florence

    I guess the Jersey Shore gang has been given some kind of jobs in Florence? Selling pizza? Oh, dear me. (via @orwoll & @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • ‘Jersey Shore’ Brawl in Italy

    So, apparently two of the Jersey Shore boys got in a fistfight in Florence. Delightful. I'm sure this will do wonders for US-Italy relations. (And, as the person on Twitter from whom I got this story said, "bad news though, they're both still alive.") (via @petershankman on Twitter)

  • Life Lessons from A Tuscan Wedding

    I love this story of blogging friends Dan & Audrey's wedding in Tuscany 10+ years ago, & especially what lessons they learned from having a destination wedding in Italy.



  • Panorama: Cathedral of Orvieto, Italy

    And here's a gorgeous 360-degree panorama shot of the cathedral square in Orvieto on Dan & Audrey's blog, too. (via @pwcarey on Twitter)

  • Standard & Poor’s lowers its credit outlook for Italy

    Some of this is too heavy on the economy-speak for me, but what's clear is that the world is increasingly saying the Italian economy is in quite a bit of trouble. (via @Owenneilson on Twitter)

  • The Cinque Terre National Park…in Disarray

    The Cinque Terre owes much of its popularity these days to Rick Steves and other guidebook writers, so it's interesting to see this new sidebar on the status of the Cinque Terre National Park that Steves will include in the new edition of his Italy book. (via @TravelOTC on Twitter)

  • Travel by Numbers: Venice

    I always love these kinds of articles – and this one happens to be about a city I adore, so it's doubly interesting. It's a look at some telling numbers about Venice's Biennale, including things like the number of permanent pavilions in the Giardini, how many square meters are covered by mosaics in St. Mark's Basilica, and how much a double room in the Castello district costs during the festival. (via @tweetaly on Twitter)

  • Smell Festival

    Bologna has a sort of perfumery festival each year, and it actually looks quite interesting – but the name and description in English is just enough to make one's eyebrows raise. The "Smell Festival" says it's a "path with 'wide open nostrils' between history, quality, and innovation." I'm just not sure touring history with "wide open nostrils" is always the best course of action. (via Michelle on Eye on Italy podcast)

  • Google festeggia i 150 anni d’Italia

    Google in Italy has a special landing page for the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, including two fun features – one is you can design your own "Google doodle" (they'll pick winners at the end of the year), and the other is an historic look at Italy using Google Street View. (via Sara on Eye on Italy podcast)

  • Italian town offers free beach umbrella rental to the poor

    A seaside town near Lucca in Tuscany says it will be offering free beach umbrella rentals to low income families in the area this summer. Time at the sea is still seen in Italy as having health benefits, so the town says this is akin to offering "free healthcare for kids with allergies and old people with aching bones." (via Michelle on Eye on Italy podcast)