Italy Travel News 05/26/2010

  • Five Least Favorite Italian Words

    There have been lots of articles around the web lately about favorite Italian words, but Valerie decided to change it up a bit. Here are her five LEAST favorite Italian words!

  • Italy launches foetus in cocktail glass poster

    This ad is meant to get women to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, and it's definitely on the shocking side… Interestingly, they've chosen a "spritz" cocktail, popular in the Veneto, perhaps because that region has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates for women in the country.

  • Episode 6: Not the Organ Meat Episode

    The latest episode of the Italy podcast includes a talk with Katie Parla about Roman foods and the city's underground archaeological sites.

  • “Pink Hitler” Advert Causes Outrage

    We talked about this ad on the most recent Eye On Italy episode – what do you think? Is it sending the right message, or is it still "too soon" for Hitler references like this?



  • What to do during hot summer days in Italy

    I wrote this article for the Charming Italy blog, with a few tips on how to survive the hot summer days in Italy. You may not be surprised to know that gelato makes an appearance on my list.

  • In Italia: In cucina

    This is a lovely article about the importance of cooking in Italy and how what's available at the market helps inspire what you eat that day. Plus, there are a couple of recipes at the bottom.

  • Private high-speed trains in Italy from 2011

    A new privately-owned high-speed rail line is set to debut in Italy in 2011, and while travel times aren't supposed to be any faster than the Frecciarossa trains Trenitalia already operates, the new private lines are supposed to have additional perks like WiFi and satellite TV service. (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • Travel StatShot: What Are We Travel Writing About?


    The folks at World Hum have a great sense of humor, and they put together this cute "statshot" of what we're "travel writing about." Why am I sharing it here? Because they say that 31% of the time we're writing about "Italy is delicious." I confess I've contributed to that arbitrary statistic, and admit I'll continue to do so!

  • Cinque Terre Trails: What’s Open

    Thanks to @littleparadiso on Twitter, here's a handy page on the official Cinque Terre website to find out what – if any – sections of the trail are closed for maintenance or repair.

  • Graham Watson: Gorgeous Dolomite scenery

    Famed cycling photographer Graham Watson has been following the Giro d'Italia around Italy, and posting some of his photos to Twitter. I loved this one of the Dolomites… Just beautiful!

  • Seven weeks of travel in Italy

    I wrote a suggested itinerary for a 2-week trip in Italy – but what if you have longer to spend there? Here's what Madeline of Italy Beyond the Obvious planned for her own 7-week trip through Italy.