Italy Travel News 05/31/2011

  • Snooki Crashed Into Italian Cop Car

    I'm left wondering why anyone let them get behind the wheel in Italy at all – or assuming that this is all part of some script. Either way, this whole Jersey Shore in Italy experiment can't be over soon enough… (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Episode 46: The Evolution of Tourism in Italy, with Steve Perillo

    In the latest episode of Eye on Italy, we talked with Perillo Tours' "chief vacation planner," Steve Perillo, about how tourism in Italy has changed since his grandfather started the company in 1945.

  • Mangiando e Imparando

    Italian cooking schools aren't only in the Tuscan countryside – this one is right in the middle of bustling Milan.

  • Silvio Berlusconi’s Hedonism

    The line at the top of this article says it all: "Berlusconi is the nation’s waning Hugh Hefner, reviled and admired for his hedonism—except that he’s supposed to be running the country." (via @rosso on Twitter)



  • Il panino tondo

    I just found out about this new food delivery service in Florence – you can order sandwiches, as well as the decidedly non-Italian donuts & bagels, to be delivered right to your door. Sign of the times?

  • Tourist dies in Naples after Rolex assault

    Very sad news – a tourist in Naples fought back when thieves on a scooter tried to steal his Rolex watch, and in the struggle he fell and hit his head. 9 days after the attempted theft, he has died from the injuries he sustained in the fall. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • Silvio Berlusconi Is Amanda Knox’s New BFF

    Well, isn't THIS interesting. 11 Italian lawmakers – all from Berlusconi's party – are now calling for an investigation of the prosecutor in Perugia who got convictions in the Meredith Kercher murder case against Amanda Knox and two others. (via @newsfromitaly & @dougbremner on Twitter)

  • An Entire Box of Chocolate Liqueurs

    I'm an idiot when it comes to contemporary art, but my friend Erica is most definitely not – and reading how excited she is about the upcoming Venice Biennale makes *me* excited about it. (Also, major kudos to Erica for using one of my favorite Venice quotes ever at the top and as the title of the post.)

  • Più “Frecce” e bimbi gratis. Trenitalia per l’estate

    Planning an Italy trip this summer with any kids under the age of 12? They'll ride Trenitalia for free in July & August. This article is in Italian, but the key thing to know is kids under 12 get to ride Trenitalia trains for free in July & August when accompanied by an adult. You can start buying tickets using this offer on June 1. Ask about it when you're at the ticket window in Italy!

  • Le cose che hanno fatto l’italia

    This cool page shows several iconic Italian things, each of which will give you more information (in Italian) about it if you click on the picture. There's everything from Nutella to Vespas to the Bialetti mokapot to pizza to the Olivetti typewriter.

  • Lufthansa Italia gets the axe

    So, Lufthansa Italia will fold this fall, less than 3 years after it started… I'd be sad about this, but to be perfectly honest I didn't even know there was such a thing as Lufthansa Italia. Boh…