Italy Travel News 06/01/2010

  • Stuck on Italy: Italian Wall Decals

    I am completely in love with these Italian wall decals, and might have to wallpaper my entire house with them. Okay, not really. But seriously, how fab are these??

  • Amanda Knox in court over police beatings claims

    Amanda Knox, convicted last year of killing her roommate in Perugia, was in an Italian court again for the first time since her conviction. This time, it's the Italian police accusing her of slander after she claimed she was beaten while in police custody.

  • Italy joins Europe’s austerity club with deep cuts

    Italy is the latest European Union country to authorize "deep cuts" to reduce the deficit in an effort to keep the EU economy from collapsing.

  • Why Do Women Love Italy?

    Susan Van Allen of "100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go" offers this snippet at – and says it's simple, really: "Women love Italy because Italy loves Women."



  • Five summer music festivals

    If you'll be in Italy this summer, here are 5 summer music festivals you might want to check out. (See? The festivals in Italy aren't ONLY about food!)

  • Berlusconi quotes Mussolini

    Because evidently Berlusconi wasn't satisfied with the number of detractors he already had…

  • Do You Need an International Driving Permit to Drive in Italy?

    Think you can skip the international driving permit in Italy with no ill consequences? You might get lucky. Then again, you might not.

  • Five Favorite Free Things in Florence

    Lists of "free things to do" in any Italian city aren't just for people with limited travel budgets – they're often great activities or attractions that just happen to be free. Case in point? Some of these 5 free activities in Florence.

  • Firenze, Italy – from space

    This is what the Twittering astronaut Soichi Noguchi saw of Florence from the International Space Station. How cool is that? (via @Moscerina on Twitter)

  • Is gelato more expensive in Milan?

    This article (originally in Italian, run through Google's translator) claims there's evidence that gelato costs more in Milan than elsewhere in Italy. One shop owner says it's because the rent & utilities & whatnot are more costly in Milan. (He's got a point.)