Italy Travel News 06/03/2011

  • Calabria Travel Top 10

    "Learn how to make homemade pasta" – oh, okay. If I *have* to… Seriously, this is a great list of Calabria blogger Cherrye's top 10 things to do in the region she calls home.

  • Vogue Italia stay ahead of the curve

    Vogue Italia has put three "plus-size" models on its latest cover, and the editor says it's part of an effort to combat anorexia. If you hunt for the images that are *inside* the magazine online, do it when no one's looking – they're definitely of the NSFW variety (and incredibly sexy). (via @monicacesarato on Twitter)

  • Venice Biennale 2011

    Venice's Biennale begins this weekend – June 4th – and runs through the end of November. Here's an overview of what to expect. (via @Ebriel on Twitter)

  • La serrata per ricordare Oscar San Antonio Mendoza

    Some shops in Naples closed their doors and posted this sign in memory of the American tourist who died there recently – the sign reads (in part) "these assassins are also killing Naples." (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)



  • Italy seeks Unesco protection for Neapolitan pizza

    Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country on earth – and it's still not enough. Italy is now attempting to get the famous margherita pizza from Naples added to UNESCO's list. To think – I've eaten a would-be World Heritage Site. Hmm… (via Michelle on Eye on Italy podcast)

  • Italian authorities revoke Snooki’s driver’s license

    After she apparently crashed a car into an Italian police car (one that was assigned to be an official police escort for the cast, no less), Snooki of "Jersey Shore" has had her license taken away. Thank goodness. Again, I ask, when is this experiment over? *sigh* (via Michelle on Eye on Italy podcast)

  • Stra Gelato a Torino

    Will you be in Turin on June 15th? Bring a copy of "Cronaca Qui" to the "Stragelato" gazebo in central Turin and you can get a card – for free – allowing you to participate in Stragelato… Meaning? You can visit 14 gelato shops in the city to sample 11 different gelato flavors. You just have to do it all within 11 hours! (via @TurinLove on Twitter)

  • June 2011 Desktop Wallpaper: St. Mark’s Basilica


    If you, like me, love Venice and St. Mark's Basilica, then you might be interested in having a picture of its onion domes on your desktop this month (courtesy of my friend Gary).

  • The Secrets of Rome

    My friend Geraldine may not want to share the location or name of one of the restaurants in Rome that she loved, but she DOES share the best spot for a view of the Colosseum that's almost unknown to visitors.

  • Giuseppe Signori arrested in Italian match-fixing probe

    *sigh* Another match-fixing scandal is erupting in Italian soccer, complete with arrests. *heavy sigh*