Italy Travel News 06/04/2010

  • URGENT: Job opportunity with DK/Eyewitness for Sardinia Expert

    Do you know Sardinia well? Laura @ciaoamalfi has a lead on a job updating a DK/Eyewitness guidebook – contact her for information.

  • Episode 7: Freedom of the Press in Italy

    The latest episode of the Eye On Italy podcast focuses entirely on freedom of the press in Italy – I learned a lot just being part of it! Find out what new proposed laws mean to journalists and bloggers in Italy.

  • Five Fun Italian Slang Words

    As a follow-up to the guest post on 5 of my favorite Italian words that I wrote for my friend Melanie, I wrote another post (this time a guest post for my friend Cherrye) about 5 MORE of my favorite Italian words. Soon, I'll have a dictionary.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Italians Use Laser to Combat Counterfeits

    There are all kinds of faux Italian foodstuffs out there – "parmesan" cheese that comes from Germany, "balsamic" vinegar that's little more than molasses – but Italian scientists have come up with a way to prove that the extra virgin olive oil you're about to pay dearly for is actually the real thing. How? (Cue Dr. Evil voice here:) With LASERS.



  • EU urges Italy to raise female retirement age

    As it stands in Italy, female civil servants are permitted to retire at 60 while male civil servants aren't allowed to retire until 65. The EU is asking Italy to raise the female retirement age to 65 immediately (rather than gradually, as they've been doing). (via @ItaliaNEWS on Twitter)

  • Women to be paid not to have abortions

    Wow… There's a proposal in the Lombardy region to pay pregnant women "who are in financial difficulty" who might otherwise have abortions 4,500E – in 18 monthly installments of 250E each – to keep their babies. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • “Crack of Noon” Tours

    How funny – and clever! If you're not a morning person (I'm definitely not) then these "Crack of Noon" tours in Italy might be just your style. (via @dreamofitaly on Twitter)

  • Photos from the Festa della Repubblica parade

    Here are some pictures of this year's Festa della Repubblica parade (June 2nd each year), taken by Arlene in Rome.

  • How Italy has changed my diet in 7 years

    This is a really interesting post from my friend Sara at Ms. Adventures in Italy – it's not just that WHAT she eats has changed since she's been living in Italy, but also HOW she eats.

  • Cooling Down in Rome: Grattachecca

    Gelato isn't the only cooling treat you can indulge in while in Italy. Erica at Nile Guide in Rome talks about the "grattachecca" – a combination of shaved ice, flavored syrups, and fresh fruit – in this post.

  • Cannavaro to Play in Dubai After World Cup

    Fabio Cannavaro's club, Juventus, didn't renew its contract with the Italy captain – so after the World Cup, Canna's accepted a transfer to a club in Dubai.