Italy Travel News 06/15/2010

  • 10 Tourist Mistakes when Visiting Italy

    Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy has come up with a list of 10 of the bigger mistakes people visiting Italy make – have you made any of these mistakes? Are there any she missed?

  • Galileo’s fingers go on display in Florence museum

    If you've visited any number of Italian churches, you know that saints & important people don't have an easy afterlife – they often get chopped up and body parts get put on display in various places. In this fashion, a newly-reopened science museum in Florence is set to put two of Galileo's fingers on display.

  • World Cup 2010 Bracket Predictor Contest

    Do you think you know who'll win the World Cup this year? You can try your luck with this bracket – it's free to enter and there are actually prizes if you guess well. (And I'll forgive you if you don't think Italy will win… I have my doubts, too.)

  • Azzurri Official Fine Art Prints Collection

    If you fancy a combination of Italian soccer and modern art, then perhaps this collection of "Azzurri art" inspired by the Italian national soccer team might be your thing. (via @nico_mar on Twitter)

  • “VivilDuomo” Concerts on the Duomo Roof




    I am not in Milan this month, nor do I have the 150Euro to donate to the Duomo's charity organization, but if I was there and had the cash I would happily fork it over for a seat at one of the concerts ON THE DUOMO ROOF. No kidding. Seats on top of the roof, musical performances at the far end. You have to see the picture to believe it.

  • “The Last Supper” in high-definition

    If you never saw this high-def image of Leonardo's masterpiece, here's another peek. You can zoom in so far as to see what's on each of the plates – it's stunning. (via @DarkRomeTours on Twitter)

  • Italy Porn (For Ladies Only)

    As someone who's not terribly fond of "Under the Tuscan Sun" (the movie) or "Eat Pray Love" (the book) & has no desire to see "Letters to Juliet," I thought this was an interesting look at why Italy has – for many, many years – provided such an alluring backdrop for the same story multiple times (some done much better than others). (via @MissExpatria on Twitter)

  • Biking in Rome: An Extreme Sport

    Vespas may be the more common 2-wheeled transport in Rome, but you can cycle through the city, too. There's even a bike-sharing program, which you can learn more about in this article.

  • Trash Hotel at Castel Sant’Angelo

    A temporary hotel that was one part political statement, one part art installment, ended its stay in Rome this week. The "Trash Hotel" was made entirely of garbage found on European beaches. It wasn't just a stunt, however, as it had actual rooms and rented them out for four days during its stay in the city.

  • Rome, Again

    Food writer & cookbook author David Lebovitz is in Rome at the moment leading gelato tours for Context Travel – but since the tours are sold out (and if you're not in Rome anyway) you can get a glimpse of the city through David's eyes in this post. Not surprisingly, there's lots of food involved.

  • Wreck of Venetian Merchant Ship Found

    The Venetians were expert sailors, but they didn't always make it back home. A 16th century Venetian merchant ship has just been found off the coast of Croatia 42 meters underwater – with some of the goods still on board. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Italy’s Schiavone Wins French Open

    By winning the French Open, Francesca Schiavone becomes the first Italian woman to win a Grand Slam title.