Italy Travel News 06/16/2010

  • 50 Italy Fun Facts

    Prep for any Italy trivia game with these 50 fun facts about the country we all love.

  • Jailed mobster claims he can prove Amanda Knox is innocent

    I'm just not sure what to think about this one… An Italian mobster who's currently in prison claims that his brother is the real killer in the Meredith Kercher murder case, not American student Amanda Knox.

  • Visit to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy

    If you're really pressed for time, here are some hints about what the not-to-be-missed pieces in the Uffizi Gallery are.

  • 2010 Italy WAGs to Look For in South Africa

    You may remember the article I published about the 23 members of this year's World Cup squad in Italy. Well, my colleagues at the World Cup Blog thought it was only fair that I write an article about the women those men go home with. So here's a look at the 23 wives and girlfriends of the 2010 Italy World Cup team.



  • Azzurri donate World Cup bonus

    After taking some flack from an Italian politician, the members of the national soccer team have said they're going to donate their World Cup bonuses to a festival to be held next year celebrating the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

  • Episode 8: World Cup Fever

    In this episode of the Eye On Italy podcast, we talked a bit about the World Cup and then we chatted with Madeline Jhawar about hiking and biking in Italy.

  • Venice Cheap Eats: The best cicheti and spritz in town

    I love these recommendations for dining in Venice – not only tips to eat cheaply, but a couple specific restaurants listed, too.

  • Tasting Rome: Gelato, Pasta and the Market

    Thanks to David Lebovitz and this blog post about his recent trip to Rome, I am now craving both prosciutto e melone and gelato something FIERCE. You are duly warned. Proceed with caution.

  • Italian scientists think they found Caravaggio’s bones

    Anthropologists excavating an ossuary in Porto Ercole, Tuscany believe that the bones they unearthed are those of famous Italian painter, Caravaggio.

  • Do Italians Eat Pasta Every Day?

    Michelle does a fine job here of dispelling the idea that eating pasta every day gets boring. And now I'm hungry for pasta.

  • World Cup Nativity Scene

    Naples is famous for its nativity scenes, and for including modern characters in them – this one has Italy national soccer team coach Marcello Lippi.