Italy Travel News 06/19/2011

  • Italians Deal a Blow to Berlusconi as Referendum Passage Weakens His Grip

    There have been two recent elections that haven't gone how Berlusconi wanted them to – but he doesn't seem to be acknowledging that he's not in sync with the people. (This, as you may guess, is not shocking.)

  • Italian “top chef?”

    Evidently there's some new show in Italy called "La Notte degli Chef" (The Night of the Chefs) that's a bit like a celebrity Top Chef – because one of the chefs in question in none other than AC Milan footballer Rino Gattuso. I *really* want to see video of this show! (via @ItalianMeetup on Twitter)

  • Gigi e Alena sposi a Praga

    Italy's goalkeeper extraordinaire, Gigi Buffon, has finally married his longtime girlfriend (and mother of his bambini), Alena Seredova. The couple got hitched in her native Prague. (via @ItalianMeetup on Twitter)

  • Best Things: Vatican Necropolis

    My friend Annie visited the Vatican Necropolis on a recent trip, and raves about it.



  • 50 types of Italian coffee

    The same folks who brought us that delightful infographic about the different kinds of Italian pasta are back with another one about Italian coffee. It's great to look at, I only wish it explained what each type of coffee was as well – there are plenty on this chart that I've never even heard of!

  • How pasta became the world’s favourite food

    This is an interesting article, but this? "Venezuela is the second largest consumer of pasta, after Italy." This, I did not expect… (via @MyMelange & @tgiflorence on Twitter)

  • A lovely Video Tour of Milan

    I love Milan, so it's really wonderful to see a video like this one showing off how picturesque this typically busy city can be. I agree with my friend Alex (who wrote the post in which the video features) that the filmmaker should do the promotional videos for the rest of Italy, too!

  • Free Attractions in Rome Help the Travel Budget

    A trip to Italy isn't usually considered a cheap vacation, but there *are* some things you can do to make it hurt your bank account a bit less – including stuffing your itinerary with as many free attractions as possible, like these suggestions in Rome.

  • Episode 47: Talking Sainthood with Justin Catanoso

    I'll admit – I was so fascinated listening to Justin Catanoso's story of finding his Italian family and learning more about his cousin the saint that I think Sara had to edit out big pauses in the Eye on Italy podcast! I was too busy listening and ended up forgetting to ask the next question… I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did!

  • Episode 48: Calabria Culinary Tour with Cherrye Moore

    Our first Eye on Italy podcast guest, Cherrye Moore, is back for another episode to tell us about a tour of Calabria she's leading this fall – it's all food & wine, so be sure to grab a snack before you start listening.