Italy Travel News 06/21/2011

  • More tourists coming to Italy, but spending less

    Interesting tourism numbers predicted for Italy this summer. No surprise, the top regions are still Tuscany, Veneto, & Lazio. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • italianpostcards on Etsy

    In case you saw the recent re-run of the Turin episode of House Hunters International and wondered, "Hmm, where can I find that girl selling the cute vintage stuff she buys in Italy's markets?" Well, I tracked her down – her store, at least. It's an Etsy shop, and it's full of all kinds of Italian vintage cuteness.

  • Florence breathes a sigh of relief as the Jersey Shore pack their bags and head home

    Thankfully, the Jersey Shore is finally finished filming in Florence. What I can't believe is that it was only a 6-week shoot – it seemed a helluva lot longer (probably more so to the people of Florence). (via @LifeinSicily on Twitter)

  • Sabato Italiano offer: pay for one and travel with two!

    Trenitalia is offering a few great deals this summer, including this one – travel on Saturdays with two people, and one of you rides for free. You can buy online in advance (it's tough to buy directly from Trenitalia, but you can buy via WhyGo Italy – just click on "Italy Train Travel" in the upper right corner of the site) or you can wait until you get to Italy. Just travel before August 27 and buy your tickets at least one day in advance, and you're eligible for the 2-for-1 deal.



  • Ten Must Eat Dishes in Rome

    When Katie Parla talks about what to eat in Rome, you take notes. (Or at least you should.)

  • 10 great cities, 100 fantastic free attractions

    CNN GO just posted 10 free attractions in each of 10 cities around the world – including Rome. Their Rome list covers many places and activities you may already know about, and a few I'd guess you don't. (via @thesorellaluna on Twitter)

  • Circulation à Naples, quartier Spagnoli

    Okay, so I've never been run over crossing the street in Naples. But, as this video shows, there are plenty of opportunities for those sorts of accidents to happen. (Amazingly, there's not even a fender-bender in this video!) (via @AbrushwithItaly on Twitter)

  • Milan’s Palaces of the Dead

    Oh, how I love cemeteries…

  • Trullo Leccio for sale in Castellana Grotte, Puglia

    Looking at houses for sale in Italy is just a dream for most people, but what a fun dream! Especially when it's a trullo house – those fantasy-like cone-shaped houses aren't a movie set, they're for real. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • Daily Travel Photo – Pompeii, Italy

    My friend Gary was recently in Italy, which means more of his daily travel photos are Italian these days. I'm not complaining.