Italy Travel News 06/28/2011

  • The Pope Sends His First Tweet, From an iPad

    Be sure to click through to the link for the video of the Pope learning how to use the iPad, including a clip of him hitting "send" on this tweet. It's linked from the phrase "Or at least he used one to launch the new site." (via @SaporiFine on Twitter)

  • How to Rent a Villa in Tuscany

    Great tips here by my friend Lisa Bergren. (via @travelswithtwo on Twitter)

  • Destin-Nation Italy: Best Beaches Along the Mediterranean’s Boot

    Want a little visual escape from your desk? Or maybe some inspiration for your Italy trip planning? Here's a selection of photos (and information) about one writer's list of Italy's best beaches. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)

  • Episode 49: Roaming Roman Neighborhoods with Shelley Ruelle

    In this episode of Eye on Italy, we talked with long-time Rome resident Shelley Ruelle about Rome's various neighborhoods. Approaching this enormous city by taking it apart by neighborhood is one great way to avoid being overwhelmed by it!



  • Louvre reject Italy’s request to borrow Mona Lisa

    The Uffizi in Florence wanted to borrow the Mona Lisa in 2013 "to mark the 100th anniversary of its recovery following one of history's most famous art thefts," but the Louvre declined the request, saying the painting was too fragile to make the journey.

  • The Anti-Amalfi

    Cilento National Park, just south of the Amalfi Coast, is a good bet for similar scenery but fewer crowds (and lower prices). (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • 8 Incredible Ghost Towns to Visit in Europe

    Three of the eight "ghost towns" listed here are in Italy!

  • Naples, Italy trash Crisis used to remove honest mayor

    Of all the unpleasantness covered in this article, the most shocking bit is the second video of "street cleaners" in Naples dumping the contents of trash bins into the city streets rather than taking the garbage away. Just horrible. Naples deserves better.

  • Photos: Italy in Greyscale

    There's a beautiful selection of photos here, all in black and white – which makes the texture and light even more prominent. Really lovely…

  • Check out Soundtracker, like Pandora for Italian music

    I *love* discovering new Italian music, so this sounds like a very cool site. I'm looking forward to trying it out.