Italy Travel News 07/02/2010

  • Italy has most bank robberies in Europe

    "Of the 4,150 bank robberies that were reported in Europe in 2009, 1,744 — or 42 percent — were done in Italy." (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • More etruscan tombs open in Tarquinia

    The town of Tarquinia in Lazio is home to the National Etruscan Museum, and now there are special tours into Etruscan tombs that visitors can sign up for. The tours are available through the end of October.

  • One Day in… Milan

    Angela of The Gypsy's Guide asked me to talk about what I'd suggest for a one-day visit to the city of Milan, so here's what I told her. What would you do differently in a 24-hour visit to Milan?

  • Learning from Travelers in Vatican City

    Sure, there's lots of amazing art and artifact in the Vatican Museums. But as one traveler notes, sometimes the people in the museum – the ones ogling all the art – are the most interesting "sight" of all.



  • Il centenario dell’Alfa Romeo

    The legendary Italian car maker Alfa Romeo is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and even if you're not a car nut you may appreciate this photo set of pretty red Alfas in Milan. (I know the husband will now be drooling over the keyboard.)

  • Meeting Melanie of Italofile Blog

    I spent several days in New York for a travel blogging conference, and I finally got to meet Melanie of the Italofile Blog – and here's proof! That's me on the right.

  • Sagra della Brioche con gelato artigianale

    Goodness me, there's a sagra in Italy for everything. This one involves brioche AND gelato. In one sagra. Fantastic. (via @MadelineJ on Twitter)

  • Venice in close-up


    I love detail photos. I love Venice. So these detail photos of Venice are, well, double-swoon-worthy in my book.

  • Uccello (bird) is also slang for…

    This Twitter note from my friend @DeirdreS cracked me up this morning.

  • D’Ambrosio | Authentic Italian Gelato

    I recently found out about this gelato shop in Seattle (thanks to a cousin of the owner on Twitter), and although I haven't eaten there (YET) I love that they've got the three main differences between gelato & ice cream clearly outlined on their front page. It's worth a read if you've ever wondered what the difference is between ice cream and gelato. (via @everywhereist on Twitter)