Italy Travel News 07/13/2011

  • Is it possible for an art historian to have one favourite work of art?

    The latest edition of the Italy Blogging Roundtable was about art, so thankfully our resident art historian Alexandra is on hand to take us all to school. In this post, she writes about three works of art in Italy that stand out to her for important reasons, and she does so in a way that's both scholarly and understandable. I'm completely serious when I say I felt smarter after reading this.

  • Why I Love Tuttomondo, Keith Haring’s Mural in Pisa

    When I first heard that the last piece of public art Keith Haring made before he died was in Pisa, I was surprised. It remains high on my list to see next time I'm in Pisa. So I'm especially pleased that Gloria chose this as her focus for her Roundtable post. I love that Gloria says this mural, such a modern piece, captures the mood of an historic city like Pisa so perfectly.

  • Italy Roundtable: Sliding Doors, What-ifs, and the Cross of San Damiano

    Art can be just a pleasant thing to look at, or it can make us think – and in some cases, it can make us think about ourselves. That's just what inspired Rebecca to choose the piece of art she wrote about for her Roundtable post, and it's an interesting glimpse into the world of "what if."

  • Five Fabulous Art Works in Rome You May Have Missed

    Melanie's contribution to the Roundtable this month put me to shame, because of the five – count 'em, FIVE – works of art she included as her favorites in Rome, I've seen only ONE of them. Clearly I have some work to do the next time I'm in the Eternal City…



  • Olive Garden Admits Making Up ‘Authentic’ Italian Dishes Like Pastachetti

    Right. Who, exactly, is *surprised* by this? (via @caribragazza on Twitter)

  • Caligula statue discovered by ‘tomb raiders’ unveiled in Rome

    How very cool – a statue that's been buried for 2,000 years is now on display in Rome. What *else* lies underground in Italy? Only time will tell… (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • Travel to Rome with Andy Steves – Episode 288

    You know his famous father, so it shouldn't be surprising that Andy Steves now has his own business having to do with travel in Europe. While in college, Andy studied in Rome – and that's the city he talks about in this episode of the Amateur Traveler podcast.

  • How to Cross the Street in Rome

    This delightful piece is not only packed with the best tips you'll find anywhere about getting across busy Italian streets (the tips apply to places like Naples, too), it's also crammed with so many great quotes I couldn't pick just one to showcase. It's not long, and I promise it's worth it – read the whole thing.

  • 8 Reasons to Explore Sardinia’s Secrets

    Ancient rock structures! Health food cheese! ALBINO DONKEYS! Sardinia has it all…

  • In Search Of: The Perfect Gelato

    This gelato tour of Sicily has me drooling – I dare you to not want ice cream after you're done reading. I'm particularly curious, however, about the gelateria in Cerda whose savory gelatos include one that's in the flavor of a local dark bread. Bread gelato? I SO need to try this…

  • Medieval Italian Castle Transformed into Modern Mountain Museum

    Historic Bruneck Castle in Brunico (in the Sudtirol region) has been turned into the 5th Messner Mountain Museum. Its medieval exterior now gives way to a modern interior showcasing an exhibit dedicated to mountain peoples from around the world. The museum is called MMM Ripa, and has just opened up after a few years of work transforming the old castle into an art and cultural gallery. (via @takotattoo on Twitter)