Italy Travel News 07/22/2010

  • Undici Gelaterie: Milano

    This list/map of 11 notable gelato shops in Milan doesn't include two of my favorites, but it does include several worth going out of your way for. It's all in Italian, but the map transcends any language.

  • Top 10 Alternative Sights In Rome

    I knew about many of these, but somehow I'd missed that there's a hot air balloon at the Villa Borghese that actually goes up in the air. It's a short ride, but still. Kind of cool.

  • In Fair Verona

    If you didn't already think of Verona as a romantic destination (Romeo & Juliet, anyone?) this post on Travels With Two about visiting Verona with one's beloved should help fix that.

  • Concorso: personalizza la Lunardglide+ 2 iD e vinci un viaggio a Portland

    So, my pal Sara (@rosso on Twitter) found this contest – the winners get a pair of Nikes & trip to Portland, where Nike is based. Portland is also where I'm based. I'd love to know when the contest winners will be here – a gaggle of Italians in Portland? I like the sound of that.



  • Vatican’s ‘Secret Archives’ unveiled

    The Vatican has allowed a publishing company access to its "secret archives" in order to produce a hard-bound book with "more than 100 of the archives' most fascinating documents." This is all very interesting, but my favorite quote from the story is from a Vatican official who said, "They are the private archives of the popes. We really don’t have many secrets." Uhh, sure you don't.

  • Italian woman seriously ill with mad cow disease

    The Italian Health Ministry announced that there's a woman in Italy who has mad cow disease. It's only the 2nd case of the disease ever reported in Italy, but the woman was diagnosed in October 2009 – and they only just announced the news today.

  • Five Stops on Italy’s Adriatic Coast to Add to Your Venice Trip

    After you've spent time in glorious Venice, why not consider adding these 5 other places on Italy's Adriatic Coast to your itinerary? They're definitely not as heavily visited as Venice, and each has its own charms.

  • Glossary – La Cucina Italiana

    This glossary of Italian food terms won't exactly fit in your pocket when you're out at a restaurant and staring at a menu, but it's a good primer to look at beforehand – and you can always jot down notes (especially the included pronunciations) in an easy-to-carry notebook before you head out for dinner. (from @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Sky Is Cleared to Bid for Italian TV Frequencies, Challenging Berlusconi

    I'm no fan of Rupert Murdoch (who owns Sky), but if Sky is going to introduce more options to Italian viewers who are currently stuck with 18-gajillion Berlusconi-owned channels, then I'm all for it. (from @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Driving Tour of Northern Italy

    This three-day driving tour includes Lake Como and the famous Stelvio Pass in the Alps. If you ignore the extremely expensive hotel and dining suggestions, the trip sounds much more accessible to the average human being. (from @michellefabio on Twitter)