Italy Travel News 07/22/2011

  • ‪We No Speak Americano ft. Cleary & Harding‬‏

    Italians are famous for "talking" with their hands – so while this isn't an Italian video, it is a fun "dance" for the hands, set to an updated version of "Tu Vuo Fa l'Americano." Enjoy! (via @ItalyinAmerica on Twitter)

  • Travel Sweepstakes and Contests at Tablet Hotels

    Tablet Hotels has a delightful travel giveaway going right now – one lucky person will win 5 nights at the Capo d'Africa hotel in Rome, plus $1500 toward a "curated culinary experience" in the city. (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • Episode 52: Tuscan Sun Festival with Alberto Alfonso and Edward Mayes

    In the newest Eye on Italy podcast, we got to hear about the creative process and the influence of Tuscany & the Italian people on the art created by Alberto Alfonso & Edward Mayes. It was fun listening to them talk about how much they love Italy!

  • Judge a Gelateria in 7 Easy Steps

    Blogging friend (and foodie extraordinaire) has some valuable advice for spotting the kind of gelato you want to stay away from – take notes.



  • A Sweet Sip of Italy

    This is a lovely profile of the famous Caffe Al Bicerin in Turin, where many say the equally famous bicerin coffee/chocolate drink originated. I didn't know the cafe has been owned and run by women since the 1800s! Very cool… (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • Austerity Measures for Italy, Finally

    Blogging friend Alex in Milan has (once again) put Italian political issues into language even I can follow. This time, he's talking about the recently-rushed-through-Parliament austerity measures, including the impact (or lack thereof) that they may have on the politicians themselves.

  • Mediterranean Islands: 6 Destinations Not to Miss

    All of these islands sound lovely, but it's worth noting that HALF of them are Italian! Salina, Stromboli, & Pantelleria all make the cut here.

  • “Va Pensiero” video (a message to Berlusconi)

    This is really a moving video, & I (like the person who posted it) encourage you to watch the whole thing. It's from a March 12 performance of "Nabucco" in Rome (which Berlusconi attended) when the conductor gave a small speech after "Va Pensiero" – looking straight at Berlusconi – and invited the audience to sing along in an encore performance. The person who posted the video wrote a great description of the event, and has kindly posted a translation of the conductor's speech (there's a link near the bottom), so be sure to read that, too, if your Italian is as bad as mine. (via

  • Mediterraneans Abandon Their Famous Diet

    Seems the Mediterranean diet is actually getting to be more expensive – even in the Mediterranean – and that younger generations are opting for cheaper (read: less healthy) alternatives. (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • 10 best bars in Rome

    I love the variety of styles here, from hip modern-looking places to the city's oldest wine bar. There's something for everyone here. (via @italofileblog & @romeparents on Twitter)