Italy Travel News 07/28/2011

  • Campaign against cigarette butts on Rome’s beaches

    An environmental organization in Italy is trying to retrain beach-goers so that they don't just drop their spent cigarette butts on the beach. They're distributing pocket-sized ashtrays to smokers on the beach. (via @TravelwithJulie on Twitter)

  • Rome: City of Artichokes

    My latest post for Under the Tuscan Gun is all about Rome's favorite springtime vegetable – the artichoke.

  • Family Vacations on the Italian Riviera

    My friend Amie posted this article about her family's recent trip to the Italian Riviera – and even though she went to a less-known town, it was still packed with people. Such is summer on the beaches of Italy!

  • Calendari Serie A TIM 2011-2012

    Oh, yay! The new Italian soccer schedule has been released…



  • Finding Natural Gelato in Rome

    Rome-based foodie Katie Parla is on the hunt for "natural" gelato in the Italian capital, and she offers her suggestions for the best gelaterie in the city serving all-natural gelato.

  • Naples « No Reservations Crew blog

    This is a great post by the crew of the No Reservations show from when they filmed in Naples that shows the good & bad that come with the city. The bad? One of their cameras was stolen when they were busy loading gear into a car. The good news? They ended up having some damned fine coffee at the police station as a result.

  • Calabria’s National Parks

    Italy is known for its history, art, monuments, and food – but there are national parks in the country, too. Here are the national parks in Calabria.

  • Visit Rome, see the statue of Superman and Batman’s foreplay


    So, I'm just not sure what to say about this. I'm kind of hoping one of my Rome pals will explain this statue to me… But really, it's probably more amusing if I don't know what the hell it means.

  • Summer Vacation in Rome: Roman Coliseum

    My friend Jen Miner went to Italy with her family this summer, & I love reading about their trip. I especially love that the sight of the Colosseum made her a little weepy. I'm glad I'm not the only person who gets emotional about buildings!

  • Tour Operators Absorb Hotel Tax in Venice and Florence

    A few major tour operators have announced that they're absorbing the new hotel taxes in Rome, Florence, & Venice.