Italy Travel News 07/31/2010

  • From Taxis to Textiles, Italy Chooses Tradition Over Growth

    This is a really well-written article in the NY Times about why the Italian economy is struggling – some experts say that, unlike Greece, Italy's troubles don't lie in owing huge debts to foreign creditors but to the fact that artisans favor traditions that prevent quicker growth. It's a must-read for anyone interested in the economic stability of Italy, & it's also full of telling details about the Italian thought process. I can't recommend this article highly enough, really.

  • Italy Raises Retirement Age

    Part of Italy's "austerity plan" – an effort to keep the country from falling into the kind of economic troubles Greece is still mired in – involved a series of changes to the Italian pension system, including raising the retirement age by three years to age 65 (starting in 2015).

  • 2011 Giro D’Italia Celebrates Italian Unity

    Next year's Giro d'Italia will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification. The full route won't be announced until October, but officials say that the race will begin in Turin on May 7, 2011 and end in Milan on May 29.

  • 3 dead as building collapses in Italy

    An apartment building in a town outside of Naples collapsed overnight, killing three people sleeping inside.



  • The Rick Steves of Frascati, Italy Day Trips

    Blogging pal Christine, AKA Miss Expatria, loves the day trip to Frascati from Rome. So much so that she wrote about it on her blog. And apparently people have made the Frascati trip based on her recommendation, because the woman who runs the osteria Christine told everyone to eat at has posted Christine's blog post up in her osteria. How adorable is that?

  • Confessing to a Venetian crime spree

    Travel writing pal Alison Wellner did what so many in Venice do – she rode the vaporetto for days without buying a ticket. You'll have to read the story to hear how the city exacted revenge – it wasn't with the typical fine you might expect.

  • Venice, Italy : That Lala Girl

    I think next time I go to Venice I'm just going to bring Rachel Greene along so she can take beautiful pictures for me. Seriously, if you love Venice, these pictures will make you swoon. If you don't love Venice, you might after you look at these photos…

  • Rome’s Ancient Colosseum Needs $32 Million Extreme Makeover

    It's no secret that Rome's Colosseum is in need of some repair work, or that the Italian government isn't swimming in excess money. Those two facts combined mean Italy's government is looking for corporate sponsorship to help foot the $32 million bill that's estimated for repairs to the iconic structure. The government says corporate logos won't be allowed to overshadow or detract from the Colosseum itself, but they can appear on scaffolding. This is in keeping with other repair projects around Italy, so I honestly don't find it surprising or troubling. Do you? Note that work is set to begin in October 2010 & continue for 2+ years, so your Colosseum photos will likely have scaffolding in them if you're planning a visit before 2013.

  • Have Your Limoncello And Eat It, Too

    This is a lovely ode to limoncello, along with some recipes at the bottom for using it in things you can eat (not just sip). I'd still love to successfully make limoncello gelato (the time I tried it never froze properly, so was more limoncello slushie than gelato), & would love to try to make crema di limoncello, too. Great, now I'm thirsty.

  • A hike, a walk and a soak: Three underground favorites in Italy

    There are lots of intriguing underground spaces in Italy, but Madeline of Italy Beyond the Obvious highlights three of her favorites – including an underground soaking pool and natural sauna in Tuscany!