Italy Travel News 08/05/2010

  • Hunting for Space Invaders in Rome

    This is hilariously awesome. A street artist is leaving "Space Invader" iconography around Rome – yes, the old video game. Jessica of Rome Photo Blog has been finding and photographing them. (via on Tumblr) Jessica left a comment below to correct me on the artist’s history: “The pieces are the work of Invader, a French street artist active since the late 90s. He travels and puts them up all over the world, but this is the first time in Rome. There are more than 700 in Paris and he was recently in San Diego.”

  • Travelling in Cinque Terre in the shadow of Rick Steves

    Anyone who's visited the Cinque Terre knows it's hard to avoid sightings of Rick Steves guidebooks in each of the five towns. But as crowded as they are, there's a reason they're popular – they're quite lovely. (via @TravelOTC on Twitter)

  • Win a Trip for 2 to Italy

    The Travel Channel is giving away a trip for 2 to Italy in conjunction with the release of the new George Clooney film, "The American" – it's a trip through Rome, Venice, Florence & other parts of Tuscany, and they're taking entries through August 31st. Get your name in the running today. (via @dailyblender & @FoodFashionista on Twitter)

  • The Places of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

    Whatever you think of "Eat Pray Love" (and you know what I think about it), you can't help but like pretty pictures of the pretty places where the movie was filmed (including Italy). (via @EWanderlust on Twitter)



  • Italian bank targets immigrants

    Well, I'll be. Italy is so famously xenophobic, it's surprising to see an Italian bank targeting immigrants as potential customers. I wish I thought it was a sign of the way things were going, but I'm afraid it's more of the exception rather than the rule still. (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • Get Information on Cheap Travel Insurance

    Whether you always buy travel insurance or you never have, it's something worth considering for certain kinds of trips – especially any trip where you've pre-paid for anything that is non-refundable. The good news is that travel insurance is much cheaper than most people think it is.

  • Eye on Italy: Art & Culture

    Our Italy podcast is on a summer hiatus (just like Italy is during August!), but we're still on the lookout for interesting Italy news on the blog. This week, it's a round-up of arts & culture news from Italy.

  • Calabria Travel Tip: Why You Need a Rental Car


    Blogging pal Cherrye is so adamant that you need a car to see the best of Calabria that she's considering not taking bookings at her B&B for anyone who refuses to rent a car. Listen to her, & rent a car when you're in the south!

  • Aquileia: Roman ruins away from the hordes

    There are Roman ruins (not to mention Greek & Etruscan ruins) in various places all over Italy, so it's actually not too hard to find ruins that aren't overrun by tourists. But here's one I hadn't heard of before – Aquileia, between Venice and the border with Slovenia – where the basilica has a 4th century Roman mosaic floor.

  • Everything You Need to Know about Choosing Artisan Gelato

    I've written before about what to look for in an Italian gelateria to make sure you're getting the good stuff – here's more advice on the matter from an American expat living in Rome.