Italy Travel News 08/09/2010

  • Italy: A change in thinking on Pompeii

    A few scientists are now putting forth the theory that the people who died at Pompeii weren't suffocated by ash and gas from Mt. Vesuvius, but rather were killed from the extreme heat. Personally, I'm amused by the description of one of the scientists – "a rogue vulcanologist from the Naples Observatory." So, is he to be believed, or is that just an odd use of the word "rogue?" (via @AlexBerger on Twitter)

  • Eat, Pray, Love: A Rome Travel Guide

    Visitors to Rome who want to make a tour of the places that feature in the book and movie "Eat Pray Love" can use this list of locations to mark their maps. (via @ItalianAmerGirl on Twitter)

  • Miss Cicciona 2010: The Miss Chubby Italy beauty contest

    Oh, Italy. A "Miss Chubby Italy" contest? Really? Oh, dear… (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • When in Rome… Fight Like a Gladiator

    Is it just me, or do Julia's head & neck in the first picture look like they're attached to her shoulder blade instead of the middle of her body where they belong? Umm, ouch? Anyway, if you can get beyond that photo, you can read about Julia Dimon's experience at Rome's gladiator school.



  • American Expat Bloggers on Italian Movies: Jessica Stewart

    Rome Photo Blog's Jessica Stewart talks about her five favorite Italian films in this article – and I'd only ever heard of one of them. Time to update my movies-to-see list!

  • Berlusconi Prevails in Key Vote

    Despite another sex scandal (see the link below) coming to light the day before a vote of confidence in the Italian parliament, Berlusconi survived the vote on August 5th.

  • New scandal for Berlusconi on eve of key vote

    Berlusconi just can't stay out of the limelight, whether he wants to or not, it seems. This news involves "new sex allegations" by an escort in Rome who claims she and two other girls "shared a bed" with Berlusconi in September 2008. Oh, and Silvio "gave her a gift of jewelry" the next morning, apparently, too.

  • Calabria Traveling Market


    How much do I love this? SO MUCH. Not only does blogging & podcasting pal Michelle have access to cool local markets on a regular basis, this guy just happened past the other day selling cheese and sausage out of the back of his car. Oh, Italy. I love you.

  • Italy minister causes stir over Palio comments

    I can't watch Siena's famous Palio (even on video) because of the potential for injury to both riders & horses, but in Italy it's generally considered a sacred tradition. Which is why Italy's tourism minister likening the Palio to bullfights in Spain and saying it "amounts to cruelty to animals" is causing a bit of an uproar. Personally, I kind of agree with her. (And if you're squeamish about seeing animals in pain, think twice before clicking through to the article – there's a photo of two horses colliding in the July race that made me sad.) (via @ItaliaNEWS on Twitter)

  • Eat Pray Love Contest from STA Travel

    Again, you already know what I thought of this book, but you don't have to love the book (or the movie) to want to visit the countries that serve as the backdrop to the story. This contest is for a 21-day trip – for one, of course – to Italy, India, & Bali, including airfare, tours, accommodation, & Lonely Planet guidebooks.

  • Julia Roberts film sparks pilgrimage to Italian ice cream shop

    The San Crispino gelato shop in Rome has been famous for a long time, but you might find a longer line than usual if you visit anytime soon – it features in the book & movie "Eat Pray Love," & has evidently been "inundated with women clutching copies" of the book. (via @ItalianAmerGirl on Twitter)