Italy Travel News 08/11/2011

  • Italy Halal Restaurants and Markets

    When I got a question from a reader about halal restaurants in Florence, I found this site. Italy doesn't have a huge number of halal restaurants (at least not listed here), but this could be a useful resource if you're looking for what's available.

  • Why Naples is Better Than You’ve Heard

    If you've read my Naples articles on WhyGo Italy you know I love Naples, so when Steph at Twenty-Something Travel liked my idea of a post about why people should go to Naples despite everything they've heard I was thrilled.

  • Private Guided Tour of Rome Kensington Tours

    This is a review of a walking tour company in Rome I don't have personal experience with, but it sounds like it was a great tour – particularly for a family group.

  • Best Italian Song Collaborations

    Like Italian music? You might like these duets between Italian and non-Italian singers – the latter group includes artists like Tina Turner, Mary J. Blige, and Celine Dion. (via @vespadiaries on Twitter)



  • 12 of the Most Active Volcanoes in the World

    Two of the volcanoes on this list are in Italy – and neither one is Mt. Vesuvius! Can you guess which two they are, before you click through?

  • Pictures: Mount Etna Eruptions Light the Italian Night

    These photos of Mt. Etna on Sicily erupting are absolutely stunning. I would expect nothing less from National Geographic, of course. (via Trina E. on WhyGo Italy's Facebook page)

  • Italian town’s kebab ban enrages migrant community

    The last time towns in Italy instituted bans on kebab shops the reasoning was to keep historic centers more traditional. Now they say the "non-traditional" food just smells bad. Either way, the arguments are fishy and a very thin veil for the xenophobia that continues to permeate much of Italian culture. (via @ItalianMeetup on Twitter)

  • Pisa’s mayor bans erotic tourist souvenirs


    The mayor of Pisa says that the souvenir items that put the city's famous leaning tower in place of a penis are banned, and vendors caught selling them could be fined. (via @theexplorateur on Twitter)

  • Explorer Marco Polo ‘never actually went to China’

    Archaeologists apparently now believe that Venetian merchant Marco Polo wasn't quite the explorer that we've come to think. (via @OnlyInItaly on Twitter)

  • Who stole the Mona Lisa?

    100 years after Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa was taken from the walls of the Louvre, the story is still fascinating. This article details the history, including who stole the Mona Lisa and why the theft made it the world's most famous painting. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)

  • The Towns Italy Forgot

    There's a lovely article about Italy in the issue of National Geographic Traveler that just arrived in my mailbox, and luckily it's also online. It's all about the growing trend of "alberghi diffusi," which are quasi-hotels spread through towns that (in many cases) are all but abandoned. I recommend picking up a copy of the magazine itself for the photos that accompany the article – they're just beautiful.