Italy Travel News 08/16/2010

  • DJ priest spreads the gospel on Italian beach

    A few years ago, there was a report of a priest and a few nuns preaching on Italian beaches during the summer because they were going where the audience was. Clever, no? This story of a DJ priest on an Italian beach shouting "Jesus in number 1" between disco hits is along the same lines, only with a better dance beat.

  • Travel in Italy for Single Women

    Every time I see an article geared toward women and how they can stay safe while traveling in Italy, I can't help but think that most of these sorts of tips are good for travelers of both genders. Am I delusional? Is there really something in this list of tips that men traveling in Italy shouldn't also think about? (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Photos: The colors of Venice

    More beautiful shots of Venice. Because, again, I *never* get tired of Venice. (via @TravelOTC on Twitter)

  • Picnicker on the Trevi Fountain in Rome

    While most of Italy goes on vacation during August, not everyone can get away. One man, described as an “Italian tourist,” was caught eating his lunch and reading a book from a perch on the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The article’s in Italian, but the photos are universally understood. (via @ItalianMeetup on Twitter)



  • Rome Inscribed

    Now this sounds interesting – a book (and blog) about the Latin inscriptions of Rome. It's even got walking itineraries so you can explore the inscriptions themselves on your next visit to Rome. (via Portland Bologna Sister City Association on Facebook)

  • Ferragosto Traffic

    August 15th is Ferragosto in Italy, and it's one of the country's big holidays – which means everyone's heading out of town for the countryside. Which, in turn, means hellacious traffic. This photo of Ferragosto traffic appeared on Corriere della Sera's front page. It makes me happy I'm not sitting in a hot car right now.

  • Italian Quick Fix: essential phrases

    If you want just the bare bones of Italian to get you through a trip, this collection from the BBC of "essential phrases" is a good place to start.

  • The Italian Diet, Meat Consumption, and How We Eat in America

    It's interesting to me that not only does Italy rank 9th in the world in beef consumption, it's only 15th in pork consumption. Apparently those tiny slivers of prosciutto don't amount to as much volume as one might guess.

  • American Expat Bloggers on Italian Movies: Michelle Fabio

    In the last installment of Italy travel news I posted a link to a friend's list of 5 Italian movies she loves. Now another friend has taken part in the same series – this time it's my Eye On Italy co-host Michelle Fabio talking about 5 movies that sum up Italy for her.

  • Summer Fashions in Italy Distracting Male Drivers

    Okay, I was totally going to talk about how amusing it is (to me, anyway) that shorter skirts and short-shorts in Italy this summer are causing a spike in car crashes as distracted male drivers lose focus on the road. But now I can't stop giggling over one line in this Google translation of the article: "women's skirts get shorter, necklines plunge and men go to beat the machine." I'm pretty sure the original Italian text just meant that they're crashing their cars. But… "Beat the machine?" I'm dying here…

  • Colosseum and Baths of Caracalla open until midnight

    From August 21st through October 23rd, these two attractions in Rome will be open until midnight. This page is translated from the Italian, but I think you'll get the necessary information. 🙂 (via @foodloverkathy on Twitter)