Italy Travel News 08/19/2010

  • Mobster undone by love of mamma’s cooking

    When the police are on the hunt for suspected mobsters in Italy, there's no better spot to stake out than Mamma's house. Why? Because sooner or later, every Italian man comes back to Mamma's for the food. Such is the case with one suspected member of the Camorra who was nabbed having lunch at his mother's house after being on the run since May. (via @newsfromitaly & @nico_mar on Twitter)

  • Naples: Pizzeria Da Michele & Europeo di Mattozzi

    If looking at pictures of pizza in Naples will make you drool on your keyboard, I suggest you take appropriate precautions before clicking through to this story.

  • Where Julia Roberts Stayed While Filming “Eat Pray Love”

    While filming right in Rome, Julia Roberts stayed in Rome – but for other scenes outside the capital city Roberts and her family made this villa in Viterbo home. Not too shabby.

  • In Rome, Past is Present

    As this blogger rightly says, "Rome is a Big Effin' Deal." Incidentally, the photo of the "minor excavation" near a traffic circle in the post is the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. In Rome, even the stray cats get a Roman ruin as their home.



  • Francesco Cossiga, Former Italian Leader, Dies at 82

    Francesco Cossiga, who served as both Prime Minister and President of Italy during his time involved with the government, died in Rome on Tuesday.

  • Roman Pasta Dishes and 10 Places to Eat them in Rome

    I'm always up for a good pasta dish, but after being introduced to cacio e pepe on my last trip to Rome that's the one I'm craving most after reading through this list.

  • Photo Gallery: Ischia, Italy

    This month's issue of National Geographic Traveler includes an article about Ischia, so the magazine's website has a lovely Ischia photo gallery online to accompany it. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • How to Dress Like an Italian


    This is a fun post that can help you pack for a trip to Italy (if you're determined not to stand out as a tourist) or to help you look more Italian no matter where you are.

  • The Mussolini of Ass

    Ah, GQ – leave it to you to come up with such a title. Anyhoo, this is an interesting profile of Berlusconi, although it calls him the Presidente throughout when he's really the country's Prime Minister. Details, shmetails… (via @legalnomads on Twitter)

  • Does Michelangelo’s David belong to Florence or the Italian state?

    The Italian Ministry of Culture is preparing to do battle with the city of Florence over who really owns the famous "David" statue in Florence's Accademia – the city or the country. What's at stake isn't just the ownership of the masterpiece, but who gets the proceeds from Accademia ticket sales.