Italy Travel News 08/31/2011

  • A Win Wine Situation

    Italy has eclipsed France in recent years as the world's biggest wine producer. There are many factors behind this shift (and it's still a fairly close margin), but one expert says that Italian wines offer a better value/price ratio, whereas French wines are "considered luxury or niche goods."

  • Italy drops proposed tax on high earners

    The Italian government is going back and forth on austerity measures in order to balance the country's budget by 2013. First it announced a so-called "solidarity tax" on high earners. That proposal was scrapped earlier this week after top government officials (who would, presumably, have had to pay such a tax) complained.

  • Italy Scraps Plan To Alter Pension Retirement Age

    Another proposal was to raise the Italian retirement age, but that idea seems to have been scrapped as well. Some are saying Italy will increase its VAT (value-added tax), while the government maintains it will just work harder to fight tax evasion. (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Verona d’accordo e friulana la storia di Giulietta e Romeo

    This is in Italian, but the gist is as follows – despite what you've heard, the story upon which "Romeo & Juliet" is based isn't from Verona. It's from the nearby Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. This was declared after much research, partially sponsored – ironically enough – by the city of Verona.

  • Reflections of the Renaissance in the Uffizi




    This post highlights a couple of pieces in Florence's Uffizi Gallery that may not be as famous as the room full of giant Botticelli paintings but are equally interesting for what they say about the Renaissance (plus, they're beautiful).

  • Food shopping tips in Italy

    I love the Cross-Pollinate family, & was completely enchanted by this video of food shopping tips presented by the three daughters. Going to Italy? With these tips, you'll feel more confident renting a house or apartment & shopping for provisions in the local markets.

  • The Week in Italian Food: August 28, 2011

    A recent post on WhyGo Italy was included in this Italian food round-up (it was the guest post on the Mediterranean Diet), but even if you read that already there are loads of other great Italian food blog posts in this list that are worth checking out.

  • Off-the-Tourist Track Italy: Right Under Your Nose

    Here's a guest post I did recently for Amanda of A Dangerous Business about five cities in Italy that I consider "under-appreciated" – meaning they aren't as overrun with tourists – but that you don't need to rent a car to reach. They're easy to get to, have lots to offer, and sometimes are even a bargain compared to the more popular places in the country.

  • Exploring the Cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy

    And here's another guest post I did, this time for EuroTravelogue, about Pompeii & Herculaneum. It's mostly an overview of the cities and what destroyed them in the first place, but there are also some visitor tips at the end.

  • Italy’s bridges weighed down by locks of love

    Okay, people, PLEASE stop putting locks on bridges, in Italy or elsewhere. It's causing damage that could be permanent. Do you really need to destroy something to express your love? I don't think so. Knock it off. {grumble, grumble, grumble}

  • How Happy is Italy? The Gallup Survey

    I'm not sure if this survey is related to the other one I posted recently that said Italian women are some of the unhappiest in Europe, but it's interesting that this follows so closely on the other survey's heels. This one, by Gallup, surveyed 124 countries to find out whether residents were thriving, struggling, or suffering. Find out where Italy ranked, along with other countries, in this post.

  • Vai a Roma alla scoperta dell’arte con i treni Frecciarossa, Frecciargento e Frecciabianca!

    Traveling by high-speed train to Rome? You could get into some of the city's museums at a discount. If you take a Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, or Frecciabianca train (the AV trains) into Rome you'll get a reduced ticket price to some of the city's civic museums up to three days after the date of your trip. There's a PDF linked on this page telling you which museums are participating.