Italy Travel News 09/06/2010

  • Clooney Hopes ‘The American’ Will Boost Tourism in Italian Countryside

    I saw "The American" over the weekend, and I think you'd be crazy to NOT want to visit the Italian countryside after watching it. The scenery is nothing short of stunning. And Clooney's not bad, either…

  • Sagra for Dummies part 2: How a sagra works

    You'll see part one of the "Sagra for Dummies" listed below, so be sure to check that one out first – that's all about what a sagra is in Italy. This post, part two, talks about how it works and what you'll need to do when you get there. Very useful stuff if you want to visit food festivals in Italy!

  • A traveler’s guide to strikes in Italy

    You may already know that Italian transportation workers schedule their strikes, but did you know you can actually check the schedule before your trip? This excellent post by Madeline on Italy: Beyond the Obvious gives you the lowdown on what you need to know about Italian strikes before you set foot in a train station in Italy.

  • No Baggage Challenge

    You'll hear me advocate for packing light for any Italy trip – and any trip, really, no matter where you're going – but this kind of trip is something I don't think many people could do. Travel writer Rolf Potts is going around the world in 42 days with no luggage at all. Not even a backpack. His goal is to see whether traveling is about the journey, or the "stuff" we bring along. (He won't be stopping in Italy on this trip, sadly for him…)



  • Stars mourn passing of ‘Death in Venice’ hotel

    Okay, so I understand why I should be upset that an historic Venice hotel is no longer going to exist. But since it's being turned from a hotel into apartments, all I can think is WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR AN APARTMENT? (via @ItaliaNEWS on Twitter)

  • 32 charming small towns in Tuscany

    Reading a list of Tuscan hill towns may not make your heart sing, but seeing photos of them should. Here's a list of 32 Tuscan towns, each represented by a photo. Let's see how many of you decide to book a trip to Tuscany based solely on this post… (via @MyMelange & @casinadirosa on Twitter)

  • George Clooney: ‘Italy Changed my Life’

    Apparently George originally bought his Italian villa as "an investment property," thinking he'd spend a few weeks vacationing there each year – but the pace of life in Italy ended up changing the way he lived his life. (via @monicacesarato on Twitter)

  • World’s first ‘tree cathedral’ takes root in Italy


    A clearing in the woods outside Bergamo is now the setting for what will someday be a "tree cathedral" – the framework has been started, creating aisle spaces with huge columns made of wooden poles, and over time the trees that grow up around the frame will create a "natural basilica." It sounds kind of cool, it's just annoying that the only picture is so tiny! (via (@newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • What is a ‘sagra’ and how does it work?

    The UmbriaLovers site has started a series called "Sagra for Dummies," and this is the first installment. If you're interested in the many food festivals that take place around Italy, it's a good series to pay attention to! (via @CiaoLaura on Twitter)

  • Parenting Study: Italians Strict, French Moderate, Canadians Lenient

    How interesting… A parenting comparison study of France, Italy, and Canada came to the overall conclusions listed in the title above. (via @ItaliaNEWS on Twitter)

  • Italian health minister apologises after delivery room fight

    Two doctors attending to a birth in Messina, Sicily, got in an argument – one that escalated to one doctor choking the other, who then put his fist through a window – and there are allegations now that the altercation delayed a C-section which resulted in the baby's heart problems and possible brain damage. (via @WhyGo on Twitter)