Italy Travel News 09/07/2011

  • Secret Hotels of Italy: Piedmont

    The introduction to this article makes slow travel in Italy sound awesome in a general sense, and then the article zeroes in on Piedmont as one of the best regions in which to experience "the slow lane" easily – pretty much because that's the main option. (via @katieparla & @davidfarley on Twitter)

  • Five spectacular once-a-year Italy events

    Are you hoping to plan your Italy trip so that it coincides with a special event? Italy travel consultant Madeline suggests these 5 as great options.

  • Vandal Arrested for Attacking Two Roman Fountains

    A fountain in the Piazza Navona was damaged (thankfully, it's a copy of the original) when a man knocked two marble pieces off by repeatedly hitting them with a rock. A Roman man has been arrested for the crime. Scroll to the bottom of the story linked here for security camera footage of the vandalism taking place.

  • It’s Always Gelato-O’Clock in Italy

    As a gelato fan myself, I was – naturally – pleased to have so many gelato photos to scroll through in this post. I'm more than a bit horrified that some shop in Florence charged Shannon something like 9euro for a cup of gelato, however. That's criminal!



  • Italians launch general strike against austerity

    Travelers in Italy were faced with transportation stoppages on September 6th as Italian workers in several sectors – including air, train, and bus travel – went on a day-long strike to protest the country's proposed austerity measures.

  • Italian town Filettino declares independence

    A town outside Rome, facing the requirement to 'merge' with another nearby town as part of Italy's proposed austerity measures, has declared independence. What's more, they've already printed their own money – with the mayor's face on all the bills. (via @jonreid1 on Twitter)

  • Baby Born Aboard Alitalia Flight

    Halfway through a flight from Milan to Paris, a French woman started going into labor. Thankfully, the "plane landed just in time" for a waiting team of doctors to board the flight and help with the delivery.

  • Berlusconi vows to leave ‘shitty’ Italy in conversation recorded by police

    Apparently back in July Berlusconi was annoyed enough after the arrests of a couple associates that he said Italy was a "shitty country" anyway and he was going to leave. Oh, if only he'd kept that promise… And really, there's still time, Silvio – you can still go…

  • L’Andana Hotel in Tuscany

    A Tuscan palazzo with estate-pressed olive oil in the mini bar? Umm, yes, please. (And seriously, the photos? I can't get over the PHOTOS.)

  • Treviso: City of Radicchio

    My latest guest post for Under the Tuscan Gun is about the famous radicchio they make in Treviso. Yes, I said "make" – this leafy purple vegetable takes way more than just growing and picking to become Radicchio di Treviso.