Italy Travel News 09/13/2011

  • 68th Venice Film Festival Awards International Mix of Films

    Here's the list of award winners from this year's Venice Film Festival. The top prize was given to a Russian film called "Faust."

  • In Sicily, Jews reach out to Inquisition-era forgotten Jews

    Catholicism may be the dominant religion in Italy, but there's Jewish history, too – especially in the south. More recently, people in southern Italy are re-discovering their Jewish roots.

  • Thieves Steal Italian Designer’s Entire Collection

    Just before the start of Milan's Fashion Week, the entire collection one designer was planning to show has been stolen.

  • Italian government ‘in bond buying talks with China’

    Along with the austerity measures the Italian government is currently considering, it's evidently in talks with the Chinese government about buying Italian bonds to help bolster the Italian economy.



  • Is Silvio Berlusconi the worst leader of a major country in the world?

    From the article: "Silvio Berlusconi has not sought to crush the people of Italy to his will nor has he, despite an impressive rap sheet, underwritten terrorists. That said, he has, over the years really made a good case that among the world's most important leaders he is perhaps the biggest embarrassment to his country." (via @newsfromitaly)

  • Bertolli’s (Glorious) Italian Food Tour of L.A.

    I love how you can find Italian delicacies just about anywhere if you know where to look. In this case, the LA area is crammed with bona fide Italian eateries, many of which were started by native-born Italians. If airfare to Italy is too high, perhaps airfare to LA is more within reach.

  • Tweet Your Maglia Rosa

    Do you love Italian cycling and the Giro d'Italia? If so, and if you're on Twitter, check out this project the Giro is working on this year. By tweeting what the Maglia Rosa means to you – with the hashtag #magliarosa – before September 15, 2011, your entry will be in the running to appear on one of the famous pink jerseys during the 2012 Giro.

  • In the Presence of A True Tomato Poet

    We know Italians are often passionate about their food, but in this case we're introduced to a vendor in Rome who's so passionate about his tomatoes that it's the only thing he sells. Not only that, he doesn't ask what kind of tomatoes you want – he asks what you're cooking so he can give you "custom blends" of the right tomatoes for the job. (via @RomeFoodTours on Twitter)

  • Italy presses ahead with balanced-budget measures

    The Italian Senate has passed a set of austerity measures and the Cabinet has signed off on them. The package now goes to the lower "Chamber of Deputies," where Berlusconi has less of a margin of support. Lawmakers there have said they may tie a vote on the austerity measures to a more general confidence vote in Berlusconi – in either case, the vote should take place next week.

  • On Home Food

    My friend Katie Parla gave me a chance to talk about how much I love Italy's Home Food program on her blog, Parla Food. Seriously, if you haven't tried a Home Food dinner yet, what are you waiting for?