Italy Travel News 09/15/2010

  • Guest Photographer Jessica Spiegel | The Carey Adventures

    My good friend Peter Carey turned over his daily photo blog to me this week, letting me post some of my favorite pictures (most of which are from Italy – surprise, surprise). Here's the post introducing me as the guest for the week. I've never been happier to be called a fruitcake. Thanks, Peter.

  • Gondola, Venice – Jessica Spiegel | The Carey Adventures

    The first photo of the week on Peter's blog was one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken in a city I love dearly in Italy – Venice.

  • Door Knocker – Jessica Spiegel | The Carey Adventures

    The second photo of the week on Peter's blog was also from Italy – this time, a door knocker in the city of Turin.

  • The Silvio Berlusconi Guide To Dating

    I … I just … Don't know what to say … Except that thank goodness this is a joke. Kind of. (via @katieparla on Twitter)



  • Getting a Scooter License in Italy

    Have you ever visited Italy and thought it would be dreamy to have a scooter to ride around, zipping past traffic? Here's one person's account of what it takes to get a scooter, the necessary insurance, and a license to drive it.

  • How to Eat Fish in Venice

    Nan McElroy shared her thoughts on the proper way to eat fish in Venice with Melanie of Italofileblog. (via @monicacesarato on Twitter)

  • Interview with WhyGo Italy Expert Jessica Spiegel

    You may already know how much I like the tours offered by Context Travel, so it may not surprise you to learn that I was pleased they asked to interview me for the Context blog. Here's part one of the interview.

  • Soccer: Serie A players to strike over contract wrangle

    In Italy, it's not just the transportation workers that schedule their strikes. Players in the country's top soccer league are threatening a strike the weekend of September 25-26 if certain demands by the players' association aren't met.

  • Sciopero: Alitalia & Air One on Strike for 24 hours

    This is in Italian, but the gist is that Alitalia & Air One pilots & assistants are going to strike on Monday, September 20 for 24 hours – midnight to midnight. I don't know whether this would impact flights to/from the US, but I imagine it would. Just an FYI if you're planning to be on an Alitalia or Air One flight on the 20th, I'd call 'em if I were you. Budget carrier Meridiana Fly is also planning a strike on the 20th, but only from noon until 4pm Italy time. (via @NapoliUnplugged on Twitter)

  • Andrea Bocelli in Milan’s Duomo

    Will you be in Milan on September 30th? If so, make a beeline for the Duomo in the city center and you'll be treated to a benefit concert by none other than Andrea Bocelli (if you can get in, that is). Money raised will go to building orphanages in Haiti.