Italy Travel News 09/21/2010

  • Italian police seize $30 mln from Vatican in probe

    Well, now… Apparently the Italian police have seized 23 million euro from the Vatican as they're investigating a money laundering scheme at the Vatican bank. (via @ItalianMeetup on Twitter)

  • Eye on Italy Episode 17: Italian, I still love you

    In the latest episode of Eye On Italy we chatted with author Dianne Hales, who wrote "La Bella Lingua" about her love affair with the Italian language. She offered some great tidbits about Italian that any language-lover will enjoy.

  • No fans in stadiums? Triestina have decided to print some out

    The Triestina soccer team in Italy, playing in the 2nd division, is having a hard time drawing fans to their games – so they've covered many of the stadium's seat with paper images of fans from a sold-out game four years ago. (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • Italian press blasts Eat Pray Love as kitsch

    Two of the three Italian publications quoted in this story aren't too keen on the way Italy is represented in "Eat Pray Love;" they think Italians are presented in too stereotypical a manner. The third is annoyed that Javier Bardem is playing the "Latin lover." In other words, the Italian press isn't too terribly happy with the film. (via Eye On Italy podcast)



  • Vespa – Jessica Spiegel | The Carey Adventures

    A few more of my Italy photos appeared on my friend Peter Carey's photo blog last week. This vespa picture in Naples is probably my favorite photo from my trip to the city last year.

  • Mosaic – Jessica Spiegel | The Carey Adventures

    The mosaic-filled churches in Ravenna are the highlight of any visit to the city. Unfortunately, low light inside the churches makes getting a decent photo more challenging. Read the notes under this photo (on my friend Peter's site) to see how I managed to keep the camera steady.

  • Pasta In Asolo – Jessica Spiegel | The Carey Adventures

    The last of my photos of the day on my friend Peter's site was of a tray of handmade pasta in a shop in Asolo. I'm hungry just looking at the picture.

  • White Night Rome 2010


    "La Notte Bianca," or White Night, returned to Rome after taking two years off. It ran from September 19-20 – and it would be a good idea to keep an eye out for the event next year, when you can take advantage of the opportunity to check out many museums and other attractions that are open all night long and for a reduced fee (sometimes even for free). (via @ContextItaly on Twitter)

  • Interview with WhyGo Italy Expert Jessica Spiegel, Part II

    In the last news update I posted a link to the first part of my interview on the Context Travel blog – and here's part two!

  • Inside Travel With Jessica Spiegel

    The folks at Insider Perks asked me a few questions about traveling, and I was more than happy to answer. Plus, there's a fun photo of me inside the San Siro stadium in Milan during the stadium tour when it's completely empty…