Italy Travel News 09/23/2010

  • European Patrimony Days in Italy

    Are you in Italy this weekend? My friends at Context Travel have reminded everyone that September 25-26 are European Patrimony Days in Italy and all state museums are free of charge.

  • The Michelangelo Art Trail in Italy

    There are plenty of places to see Michelangelo's works besides Rome and Florence, and this list provides a few of them.

  • Italian police find smuggled explosives

    Seven tons of high explosives were found being smuggled in a shipping container when it was searched in a southern Italian port. (via @ItaliaNEWS on Twitter)

  • Florence: A guide to the city’s bar scene

    Here's a handy little guide to Florence's bar scene, if you want to skip the pub crawl (please) and head right for a watering hole that suits your style. (via @TravelOTC on Twitter)



  • Vatican: Bank probe due to misunderstanding

    Oh, those pesky money laundering investigations – always due to a "misunderstanding," aren't they? (via @ItaliaNEWS on Twitter)

  • The Jeans Master

    A newly-restored painting from the 17th century is lending credibility to the theory that the fabric known as denim originated in Italy rather than France as previously believed.

  • Italy bans the plastic water bottle along heritage coastline

    I love this! The Cinque Terre has banned the use of plastic water bottles "amid fears that the area is being 'buried in rubbish.'" Bring a reusable water bottle for your Cinque Terre hike. (via @MyMelange)

  • Eurochocolate – have your chocolate and eat it too!


    Perugia's famous chocolate festival, Eurochocolate, is coming up in October. Will you be there?

  • Tickets to Rome

    For some reason, the fares into Milan and Venice have come down more quickly than the fares into Rome after the summer high season – but the prices on tickets to Rome are starting to come down now, finally…

  • Wet in Venice: an unexpected gift in Italy

    This is a very sweet story of a personal connection made in Venice, but I can't help but feel sad that the author didn't love the city…