Italy Travel News 10/03/2010

  • Travel to Milan, Italy – Episode 249

    I spent some time chatting with Chris of The Amateur Traveler podcast about visiting Milan. You can download the episode on iTunes, or listen right from this page.

  • Pirlo’s amazing goal vs. Parma

    You might not be a huge soccer fan like I am, but I can't help but share this incredible goal by my favorite player on my favorite team. Amazing stuff.

  • US may issue warning on public places in Europe

    Wow… It'll be interesting to see (a) if this happens, (b) how extensive it is, and (c) how it impacts tourism. I wonder if I'll notice it in Italy this month. (via @CiaoBambino & @nerdseyeview on Twitter)

  • iPhone app labels Italy with cliches

    This iPhone app looks like it labels every country in it with stereotypes & cliches, but the Italians are so annoyed at being equated with nothing more than "pizza, pasta, mafia, & scooters" that a government minister is trying to intervene with iPhone Italia. Clearly, Italy doesn't also stand for "sense of humor." (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)



  • Statue of the day

    This statue will only be up in Milan for 10 days over fashion week, but it's pretty damned amusing. Anyone in Milan seen it while it was on display?

  • Plane off runway in Sicily, 20 slightly injured

    This news comes just as I'm contemplating flying into Palermo on a tiny budget aircraft next month. Hmm… Might hafta reconsider. (Bad weather? Already? In September?)

  • Rome: Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and medical help for tourists

    Great list of resources for (as the EuroCheapo guys said on Twitter) "when Rome goes wrong." I hope you don't need any of this, but it's handy to have if you do. (via @TravelingAnna on Twitter)

  • Colosseum opens up the animal cages…

    Starting October 11, some of the newly-restored underground sections of the Colosseum – including the cages where animals were kept before being hoisted up onto the arena's floor – are now part of the public tour.

  • See Naples, And Then…

    I *love* how much the author of this post loved Naples. I really liked the city, and I don't think I loved it this much. But after reading this post, I'm even more eager to return next month.

  • Eating out in Venice: a struggle

    Finding good eats in Venice is, indeed, a struggle sometimes. This post contains a few specific notes from restaurants the author thought were outstanding, good, & "best to avoid."