Italy Travel News 10/08/2011

  • Award Winning Italian Chef Takes Job at McDonald’s

    An Italian chef who has three Michelin stars (among other honors) has signed on to a temporary position with McDonald’s, for whom he created two new hamburgers and a new dessert. These are limited editions, available only until November 15 of this year and only in Italy.

  • Two reasons not to dine where the locals do

    One of the popular bits of advice for finding a good restaurant in Italy is to “eat where the locals eat.” As Madeline explains in this excellent post, that’s not always the best idea.

  • Permanent Museum to Open in Rome’s Airport

    Following the lead of the Amsterdam Airport, which has a mini-Rijksmuseum in the terminal, Rome’s main airport is opening an art hall in Terminal 1 this month. The first exhibit? Works by Leonardo da Vinci, after whom the airport is named.

  • 700 Sheep Graze in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo

    Now THIS would have been a sight to see! A documentary about an Italian sheep herder is currently filming in the country, and apparently they required a scene in which 700 sheep were herded into Milan’s most famous piazza.

  • Budget Dining in Rome, Revised

    If you’ll be dining in Rome anytime soon, this is a list to consult before you go.

  • Madonna House Hunting in Verona

    Oh, my – the list of famous people with houses (usually of the second or fifth or twelfth variety) in Italy is ever-growing, isn’t it?



  • Italian Parents Ask Court to Evict Adult Son

    There are plenty of young Italians who live at home because they don’t have a job and can’t afford to live on their own, but in this case I’m totally on the parents’ side.

  • Dear Mom, you must worry about your daughter in Italy

    This is a heartfelt post that highlights just a few of Italy’s current troubles; the final (really well-written) paragraph made me especially sad. (via Rebecca at Brigolante on Facebook)

  • Amanda Knox judge says she may have ‘been responsible’ after all

    From the article: Speaking just two days after he and his fellow judges handed down a full acquittal on appeal, Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann, said the court’s verdict “is the result of the truth that was created in the proceedings. But the real truth may be different. They may be responsible, but the evidence is not there.” (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • American tour guide found dead, apparent victim of a hit-and-run in Italy

    An autopsy has revealed that the cause of Allison Owen’s death is likely to be that she was hit by a car as she was jogging. Officials are saying she might have been listening to music with headphones on, and not heard the approaching vehicle.

  • The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox

    This is a long read, but I’ve seen it mentioned a few times as one of the best overviews of the Meredith Kercher murder case against Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sllecito.

  • Episode 54: Cucina Povera with Pamela Sheldon Johns


    The latest episode of Eye on Italy features an interview with author Pamela Sheldon Johns about her new cookbook – “Cucina Povera.” If you’re into Italian cooking – or simply eating Italian cooking – be sure to give it a listen.

  • 36 Hours in Perugia

    The NY Times is back with another “36 Hours In” article – and this time it’s a day and a half in Umbria’s capital city. Long famous for its chocolate, Perugia has been in the news more frequently in recent years for the setting of the Amanda Knox case. Methinks the city would prefer to go back to its former (sweeter) reputation.

  • Timelapse Venice [Video]

    Yes, I’ll happily watch just about any little video on Venice… You?

  • ArtSmart Roundtable: Charlemagne’s Palatine Chapel

    This post is actually about a church in Germany, but the German church was designed to mimic a church in Ravenna that I happen to adore – the gorgeous photo of the Ravenna church in this post totally lured me in.

  • Crawling Towards Aperitivo in Milan

    Many of you may know how much I love Milan – one of the reasons for that is the city’s affection for aperitivo. If you’d like to get in on a bit of that glamorous tradition on your next visit, here’s how – from what neighborhoods to check out to what drinks to order.