Italy Travel News 10/09/2010

  • Bacchus Seduces in New High-Res Imagery

    You might remember me mentioning the hi-definition image of The Last Supper that lets you zoom in to see what's on each plate – well, now you can see the same kind of detail on famous paintings hanging in Florence's Uffizi Gallery. Very cool stuff.

  • Trip Protection Insurance « Cheap Travel Insurance

    If you're concerned about the US State Department travel warning for Europe, but aren't quite ready to cancel your trip altogether, consider getting trip protection insurance to cover non-refundable travel purchases you make – just in case something happens to make you want to cancel your trip later on.

  • 2011 Italy Vacation Contest

    What's better than a week-long stay in an apartment in Tuscany? One that you win, that's what. My friends at Ciao Bambino have a contest going right now for a week's stay at an apartment in the heart of Chianti. Enter by October 20th to win.

  • Episode 19: Italian Strikes are like Snowflakes

    In this week's Eye On Italy podcast, we talked about the new US State Department warning for travelers in Europe, and I got tips on how to deal with transportation strikes (there are two this month while I'm in Italy) from Sara & Michelle.



  • Episode 18: Trash Rises again in Naples, Digital Pompeii

    I was in meetings when Sara & Michelle recorded last week's episode of the Eye On Italy podcast with blogging friend Laura from Ciao Amalfi. My consolation is that I'll get to see Laura this month when I visit her on her turf!

  • Venice mayor mocks billboard critics

    It's one thing to defend a city's need to raise money, & quite another to tell people that if they want to see the monuments hidden behind huge advertising billboards they should look at pictures in books from the comfort of their homes. Of course, if the monuments are going to be covered anyway for renovation, they won't be visible regardless – but the snotty response from Venice's mayor is more than a little off-putting. (via @everywhereist on Twitter)

  • Illy Overview

    I *love* illy coffee… And I also have no idea how to pull a good shot of espresso. So that whole "iperespresso" one-touch thing seems like a brilliant idea to me. (via @SaporiFine on Twitter)

  • Venice on a budget: European city breaks for under £250

    Tips from the UK's Telegraph about how to visit Venice for a weekend without spending a fortune. (Prices are in pounds, but you'll get the idea regardless of your home currency.)

  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid at an Italian Restaurant

    My favorites from this list are "bread with pasta" and "doggie bags" – but all of them are worth noting if you want to eat like the Italians eat.

  • What $1 buys around the world

    From the article: "In middle Italy: a litre of cheap wine or 1kg Spaghetti or 6 bottles of mineral water and just about one tablet of Ibruprofen which you might need if you drank the cheap vino!!!"