Italy Travel News 10/26/2011

  • Several dead after floods hit Tuscany and Liguria

    This is just heartbreaking… Heavy rains have caused flash floods & mudslides in parts of Tuscany & Liguria, which has led to extensive damage as well as 9 deaths (as of this report). Two of the Cinque Terre towns have been hit hard, particularly by mudslides, and the mayor of Monterosso has even said the town “no longer exists.” I can’t imagine it’s gone completely, but I dread seeing the photos of the area after the rain finally stops – which it hasn’t done yet. More rains expected means more damage to come. It’s so very sad…

  • Tuscany in November

    Planning a visit to Tuscany this November? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Italian Chestnuts

    It’s roasted chestnut season again in Italy! If you’ll be in Italy, be on the lookout for the guys selling roasted chestnuts – they’re great for warming your hands as well as delighting your tongue. And if you won’t be in Italy? Here’s some information on making roasted chestnuts at home.

  • Car-free Sunday for smog-struck Milan

    This car-free day in Milan was back in early October, but it’s worth noting for anyone who’s thinking of driving during an Italy vacation. More cities are requiring additional charges to drive in the city center in an effort to cut down on traffic & pollution (Milan is one of these), & some are experimenting with “car-free” days like this. If you’re planning to drive in Italy, it’s best if you can avoid doing that in the city centers.



  • Live the good life on the Amalfi Coast

    This is a great list of things to do on the Amalfi Coast, from cooking & gelato-making lessons to hiking to driving to just enjoying the water. Thanks to WhyGo Italy reader Trina for her note on Facebook about this article!

  • The Brighter Side of Naples

    Done right, Naples can be a surprisingly delightful city to visit – and I say “surprising” only because it’s got such a bad reputation among many travelers. It’s a city I love, so I’m always pleased to see articles highlighting the many good reasons to go. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)

  • Mario Balotelli’s house set on fire as he shoots fireworks from window

    Those of you who follow Italian soccer like I do will no doubt be familiar with the name Mario Balotelli. The fiery youngster is now playing for Manchester City in England, but he’s no less brash than he was when he played in Milan for Inter. His latest headline-making antics – nearly burning his house down by setting off fireworks indoors through an open window – are only made more amusing by the shirt he wore at a game the day after the fire. It read, “Why always me?” Methinks you’re the only one who can answer that, Mario…

  • Home Cooking in Rome

    If you’ve spent any time on WhyGo Italy recently you know I’m a fan of Home Food – I keep writing about the program! You can imagine, then, how excited I am when I hear of a travel blogger friend who is interested enough in Home Food to go to a dinner on a recent trip to Rome. I’m positively ecstatic at this point to read her review of that night, and how much she loved the experience.

  • A Sweet Sip of Italy

    I made a point of visiting Caffe Al Bicerin when I went to Turin, but somehow managed to order something OTHER than a bicerin (I know, but it was recommended by the nice lady at the Shroud Museum!). I still really need to get back there & try the cafe’s namesake treat… Until then, I can read about it – and so can you. Plus, there’s a recipe at the end!

  • The case for an Italian rebellion. Why it doesn’t happen. And what could happen.

    This is a passionate post by an Italian (written in English) talking about why Italians don’t rebel against their ineffective government like the people of Egypt or Tunisia have done recently. From the article: “Italians need a shared vision based on facts and reality (not on ideology and reality shows).” (via @DeirdreS on Twitter)