Italy Travel News 11/09/2010

  • Europe Airline Tickets

    This is the time of year when you'll see some of the lowest prices on airline tickets to Europe – and since flying directly from the US to Italy can be more expensive than flying into other European countries, you might want to check around on flights into big hubs like Paris, Amsterdam, or even Frankfurt to see if you can find a killer deal… And then hop on a short flight to Italy via one of Europe's budget airlines. You can use the savings to buy an extra pashmina scarf at the market in Florence to keep warm…

  • Le Cinque Terre tra le coste più belle per Nat Geo

    This is from National Geographic's Italian site, but what it's saying is that NG chose 99 coastal areas that it thinks are the most beautiful in the world – and the Cinque Terre is among them.

  • Caravaggios in Serbia?

    I'm feeling like a bit of a skeptic, and I'm certainly no art expert, but at least the sample supposed Caravaggio in this article doesn't look good enough to be a Caravaggio to me. It'll be interesting to see whether they're authenticated. (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • Italian couple’s marriage annulled after wife thought about having affair

    In the marriage in question here, the wife evidently discussed with her husband the idea of "having an open marriage" – and although she had "never put the idea into practice," just bringing it up was enough to get the marriage annulled. And Italy's highest court has upheld the lower court's ruling on the issue. (via @michellefabio on Twitter)



  • Does Tuscany Have an Off the Beaten Path?

    It's a question travelers to Italy ask all the time – and although there are far fewer "undiscovered gems" in Tuscany than in some other Italian regions, you just have to read through this article to find that there are still places where you can escape the tourist crowds of Florence and Siena.

  • Jobs for Bloggers – Blogger/Community Manager with Italy Magazine

    Do you love Italy? Do you KNOW Italy? Do you want to write about it for Italy Magazine's blog? Then check out this job posting at ProBlogger.

  • The Sea’s Side of Positano

    This lovely essay shows that even in a tourist-covered town like Positano you can still find places where it's locals only for lunch.

  • Context Travel’s Sustainable Initiative

    Although Context didn't win National Geographic's Geotourism Award in 2009, I like how this video highlights the things this Italy-based tours company (a company I heartily recommend) is doing to minimize the negative impacts of tourism in the cities where they have a presence.

  • Italy to liberalise wifi access from 2011

    If you've ever hunted in vain for free WiFi in Italy, you'll understand what a major bit of news this is. (via @Moscerina & @gmcguireinrome on Twitter)

  • Italian museums protest cuts with closures on 12 November 2010

    Looks like 12 November 2010 is a scheduled strike by museum workers around Italy – so be sure to check with the sites/attractions you're hoping to visit that day before you set out from your hostel/hotel. (via @melanierenzulli on Twitter)