Italy Travel News 11/11/2011

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: October 27th through November 11th:




  • Italy Senate passes budget, Berlusconi end nigh – Berlusconi said he'd resign if the senate approved the budget, which they've now done. Is it jinxing it to say "Berlusconi end nigh" before he's actually packed his things?
  • Eye on Italy Podcast » The History of Rome with Mike Duncan – In this episode of the Eye on Italy podcast, we talked with Mike Duncan, the creator of the popular "History of Rome" podcast.
  • Tuscan Comfort Food – This month's topic for the Italy Roundtable was COMFORT FOOD – and Gloria treated us to a seasonal overview of her favorite comfort foods in Tuscany.
  • Comfort Me With Potatoes: A Tale of Two Tuber Dishes in Italy – Melanie's comfort foods in Italy both involve potatoes – but in two totally different preparations.
  • Minestrone: my winter comfort food – For Alexandra, there's nothing more comforting in the winter than a big bowl of minestrone – nevermind that no two preparations are remotely alike.
  • Italy Roundtable: Eating in the Comfort Zone – Rebecca's version of comfort food has morphed over the years she's been in Italy, and now includes both American and Italian dishes.
  • Sicily: Home of Caponata – In this guest post for Under the Tuscan Gun, I ventured (mentally, at least) to Sicily to talk about its famous "caponata."
  • The Best Gelato in Rome! – My friends at The World is Calling recently visited Rome, & they compiled this downloadable map of some of their favorite gelato stops in the Italian capital.
  • Yum? Milan Designer Creates Wearable Tortellini – Earrings shaped like tortellini? Yes, please.
  • A Gothic Tour of Italy – This is a really lovely piece about (as the title says) Gothic Italy, with stops in cities that have served as the backdrop for Gothic works of literature. (via @eminchilli on Twitter)
  • Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday scooter in Rome exhibition – Along with the Vespa Hepburn rode in her "Roman Holiday" role, the Ara Pacis museum in Rome has several of the actress' garments on display in an exhibit called "Audrey in Rome."
  • Silvio Berlusconi named on US government report on people trafficking – Due to having allegedly paid for sex with underage Moroccan dancer "Ruby," Berlusconi has been named in a report produced in the US about human trafficking.
  • A Violent Rain Buries an Italian Friend – Rick Steves is famous for his promotion of the Cinque Terre over the decades, so it's not surprising that he's written an eloquent editorial about the recent flooding and mudslides to hit his favorite village (Vernazza) and his commitment to see the area rebuilt and restored.
  • Red town, blue town – This is an interesting piece where the author looks at how the presence of communism and fascism in Italy impact things like the way a town feels or whether there are chains or local markets in a town. Or is it really about the political leanings of the town at all? And, if push comes to shove, do those monikers hold up at the personal level?
  • Calabria Table Tour Recap – After hearing about the planning for my friend Cherrye's Calabria Table Tour, it's fun to read about how it all turned out. And of course now I'm hungry, too…