Italy Travel News 11/19/2010

  • Italy PM replaces penis on statue, angers experts

    The good news: Berlusconi pulled a 2nd century Roman statue out of a storeroom and it's now on display in his office. The bad news: he replace a couple missing pieces (including, yes, the soldier's family jewels) much to the consternation of art historians and restorers.

  • In Italy, secret pop-up restaurant gives directions via SMS

    There's much to be said for the traditional Italian dinner in a hidden trattoria, but I love dining innovations, too. This "Street Dinner" concept sounds like a fun one – receiving SMS messages on the night of the dinner to direct you to a place to pick up your own table & chairs, & then where to go to get dinner itself. Sort of like a dinner scavenger hunt, only you're told exactly where you're going.

  • Another Best Memory of Venice

    Blogging friend (and Venice resident) Monica Cesarato put out the call not long ago for contributors to talk about their best Venice memories. I had an insanely hard time picking just one… So I didn't. That didn't stop me from writing about Venice anyway, of course.

  • Travel Gift Guide

    If you've got a traveler on your list this holiday season, or if you're a traveler who wants some ideas of what to put on your own holiday wish list, then this guide to travel-related gifts for all different kinds of people (including Italophiles!) will come in handy.



  • Holy Beer, Batman

    GP2, named for Pope John Paul II (that'd be Giovanni Paolo in Italian, hence the G), is a new pub in Rome – and it's Vatican-approved. It even has the Vatican symbol on the sign. The idea is to promote the community aspects of a pub – GP2 includes an area for lounging, has WiFi, and shows movies occasionally. (via @NG_Rome on Twitter)

  • Italian Town Bans the Common Cold

    Yes, the mayor admits that his move to "ban the common cold" was a publicity stunt to draw attention to the hospital crisis in his town (it will only offer emergency health care starting in January because of a lack of money from the state), but still. It makes a good headline, no? And with Italy's fondness for seemingly silly little laws, you just never know whether they're serious or not. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • San Gimignano: City of beautiful towers

    Good overview of the hilltop Tuscan town of San Gimignano – it's a popular spot for day trips, but also makes a nice base from which to explore the area. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Newark to Naples, $384 round-trip

    What an amazing deal! Newark-Naples at $384 round-trip – including taxes – for Tuesday flights (going & coming back) from now through March. (via @NapoliUnplugged on Twitter)

  • Abruzzo 2011 Calendar – All Profits To Charity

    This Abruzzo calendar looks lovely, and all the profits go to the Italian Red Cross.

  • Riots in trashy Naples

    The photos in this piece are enough to put anyone off a trip to Naples – except the headline is misleading. These riots aren't in Naples, they're in a Naples suburb (Terzigno) – the town that's trying to keep a new garbage dump from being located within its borders.