Italy Travel News 11/24/2010

  • I’m sad for my country

    This is a poignant piece by blogging friend Gloria about yet another reason why young, smart Italians are leaving the country in droves to pursue careers elsewhere. In this case, it's because the government is essentially enacting laws that tell them they're not needed or wanted.

  • Photos: The garbage crisis in Naples, Italy

    The photos in this piece are heart-breaking. When I was in Naples in October, the trash problem was growing once again – but this is much worse than I saw even a few weeks ago. The images of children playing on piles of trash are particularly gutting. (via @WhyGoFrance on Twitter)

  • Outrage at school bus sex shop advert

    I find this amusing, but perhaps that's because I'm not a parent… A school bus in the town of Belluno, Italy had a placard on the back advertising a sex shop. Parents protested, but according to the article there's no word on either "who authorised the advert" and whether it's been removed. (via @TheTuscanGun on Twitter)

  • In Rome, Not All Dishes Are Created Equal

    Taking dining advice from Katie Parla is a very good idea. Trust me. Here, she dishes on some of her favorite dishes – and where to get them – in the city she calls home, Rome.



  • Trevi fountains to be given a make over

    This is the Google Translate version of an Italian article, but you get the idea – Rome's Trevi Fountain is slated to get a bit of renovation work, including new lighting and sidewalks. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • How to Brew Coffee in a Stovetop Moka Pot

    Great step-by-step directions – with photos! – from my coffee-addicted friend Michelle on how to use a mokapot to make your morning coffee. It's how most Italians make coffee at home, and it's really easy.

  • Amazon officially opens in Italy

    Recently the fact that Amazon's UK store was offering free shipping on orders over 25GBP was enough to make my expat pals in Italy excited – now Amazon has semi-quietly opened up shop in Italy. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • Natale, scuole aperte per ferie

    My friend Alex, @newsfromitaly on Twitter, posted a link to this story with the note: "Milan's elementary schools to stay open at Christmas. Many parents are working because they cannot afford a holiday." Wow. [in Italian]

  • Gap Milan store key to internionational expansion

    If shopping in Milan isn't already fantastic in your eyes, then you might be interested in the newly-opened Gap and Banana Republic stores on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele (near the Duomo).

  • Italian Member of European Parliament Brings Baby to Work

    I love this picture. My friend Christine of WhyGo France sent me this link, and when I saw the URL about an Italian woman in the European Parliament I assumed it was another story about a callgirl or stripper who'd been hand-picked by Berlusconi to be in government – but no, this is a woman who is swathed in a fabric baby-carrier while she votes on a proposal to "improve women's employment rights" in the European Parliament. It's fabulous…