Italy Travel News 12/03/2010

  • Cheap International Flights

    American Airlines had a glitch earlier this week that led to a few hours' worth of international flights showing – and selling for – $300 or more under what they should have. If you (like me) weren't lucky enough to get one of those super cheap tickets before American fixed the glitch, there's still hope – international flights are still cheaper now and for the next few months than they will be in the spring and summer. Browse now for a trip anytime between now and March!

  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. And Buses.–Transportation in Italy

    Blogging friend Rebecca of the Brigolante Guest House in Umbria asked me to write a post about getting around Italy for her blog, and I was happy to contribute. It's not a short post, but that's because it's not always totally straightforward getting around the country. There are lots of links included for other resources, too, so you should find exactly what you're looking for. Thanks for the opportunity to post on your blog, Rebecca!

  • Alessandro Terrin Photographed for Vanity Fair Italia

    Oh my… I just… There are no… Words… Ladies (& gents, it's your call), I present to you one of the Italian swim team members in all his glory. Brace yourselves. You might want to have something handy with which to fan yourself. (Thanks to reader Meg who passed this along!)

  • Photo Tour of Chioggia, Italy

    Such pretty photos of a seaside town near Venice!



  • Under the Tuscan Clouds

    Everyone dreams of a visit to Italy when the sun is shining, but as Evelyn Hannon of Journeywoman points out in this photo essay, you can enjoy a trip to Italy no matter what the weather is.

  • More walls collapse at Italy’s ancient city of Pompeii

    Fergodsake, ANOTHER wall has collapsed at Pompeii? This is the second time this week, and the third in a month. It's being blamed on heavy rains, but seriously – something needs to be done. Quickly. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Original model for Pietà found

    The title of this article is a bit misleading – an art collector claims that the 12" Pieta' model he has was made by Michelangelo in order (perhaps) to get the commission to carve the famous Pieta' in St. Peter's Basilica. But as yet, art experts have attributed the model to someone else entirely. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Episode 26: Visiting Italy at Christmas

    On this week's Eye On Italy podcast, we chatted with Kathy from Dream of Italy about what it's like to visit Italy during the Christmas season. We also talked about the latest Berlusconi news – because how can you not, really?

  • ‘No Italian, no permit’ Italy tells migrants

    According to this story, a new Italian law will require "migrant workers" wishing to apply for a "residence permit" in Italy to pass a language skills test with at least 80% correct answers. (via @eyeonitaly podcast)

  • Director Mario Monicelli dead at 95

    The Italian cinema world has lost another legend. After the recent death of producer Dino De Laurentiis, we now hear that director Mario Monicelli committed suicide Monday night. He was in failing health and 95 years old, but news that he jumped to his death from his hospital room is very sad. (via @eyeonitaly podcast)