Italy Travel News 12/09/2010

  • Cade un cuore in Galleria

    Milan's Galleria is always decorated beautifully at the holidays, but this year one of the dangling hearts fell and injured a woman. (via @welshieinitaly on Twitter)

  • 10 Italian Cliches You Won’t Find in Italy

    These are some food-related things that you might think are Italian but are not… Better to know ahead of time that you won't find caesar salad on any menu! (via @PortlandBologna on Twitter)

  • Florence Christmas Tree

    Pretty picture of the Christmas tree in Florence this year, all lit up in front of the Duomo.

  • Yet another wall collapses in Pompeii

    Another wall has collapsed at Pompeii – and this is while UNESCO is on site surveying the damage from the previous three collapses in the past month or so. It would be comical, if it weren't so tragic. (via @WriterSean on Twitter)



  • Garbage is a problem in Sicily too

    I met the author of the Sicily Guide site at a conference in Arizona last month, and it wasn't until we started talking that I found out Naples isn't the only city with a garbage problem. Sicily, it turns out, has similar problems. I'm not sure why it doesn't get as much press as the Naples issue (if the Sicilians don't riot or burn trash piles the way the people in Naples do, that might be it), but it's sad to realize it's a more widespread issue.

  • Why I have not written in a while

    And after publishing the initial reminder that Palermo has a garbage problem, too, Sicily Guide's author went home from New York to visit family and got to witness the trash first-hand. It wasn't the happy homecoming she hoped for.

  • The Best Cities to Live in Italy

    The Italian paper Il Sole 24 Ore has produced its annual list of cities with the best quality of life overall – and it probably won't surprise you that none of the main tourist cities made the top 10. (via @SaporiFine on Twitter)

  • Barenboim Appeals To Protect Italian Culture

    The outcry over recent cuts to education & arts funding in Italy continues – this time not only with protests in the streets but also from the director's chair. At opening night for the new season at La Scala in Milan, the conductor prefaced the night's performance with an appeal to the Italian jpresident and government to protect arts & education funding (as, he noted, they're required to do in the Italian constitution). Outside La Scala, protesters clashed with police.

  • Five Italian Christmas Words

    Cherrye helps you get ready to incorporate some Italian holiday cheer into your festivities this year, whether you're traveling in Italy over Christmas or New Year's or you're at home. At least now you'll be able to say "Merry Christmas" in Italian!

  • Uncorking Rome’s Table Wine

    This post explains why you should order the house wine in Rome, but I've found it to be true throughout Italy – the house wine is often better than the stuff you get at home in bottles, and much (MUCH) cheaper.

  • Getty Museum’s statue transfer ends Italy dispute

    After 6 years of arguing about it (including in court), the Getty Museum in California is returning an Aphrodite statue to Sicily where it was originally found.