Italy Travel News 12/15/2010

  • In Attesa di Fiducia

    This is a stunning and sobering collection of photographs from the protests/riots in Rome following the vote of confidence on 14 December. (via @liviacolare on Twitter)

  • Episode 27: Going Beyond the Pasta with Mark Leslie

    In the latest Eye On Italy podcast, we talked with special guest Mark Leslie, author of the new book, "Beyond the Pasta." One lucky listener will win a copy of Mark's book – just leave a comment on the Eye On Italy podcast site to be entered in the drawing.

  • The 21st-century fall of Pompeii

    This is a thoughtful editorial spurred by (but not only addressing) the recent collapses at Pompeii. It includes the line, "The solution requires an act of political will. Italian heritage is dramatically underfunded." Given the political unrest and economic straits Italy is currently dealing with, I don't know that Italian heritage will get any more attention than it already does – which is, as the author says, not enough. (via @SaveRome on Twitter)

  • Diario della Crisi: manifestazione del 14 Dicembre 2010 a Roma

    This is a program in Italian produced by Current TV in Italy – including video and analysis by Current's Rome staff of the protests in Rome on the 14th of December. (via @liviacolare on Twitter)



  • Interesting Facts About Amalfi

    Here's a fun link to break up the sad ones this round – a list of random/weird facts about the town of Amalfi in Italy. (via @ciaoamalfi on Twitter)

  • Video of Unrest on Rome’s Streets After Berlusconi Survives Vote

    This blog post from the NY Times includes several videos of the protests in Rome following the vote in Parliament.

  • Silvio Berlusconi vote sparks violence in Rome

    More photos and news of the protests in Rome after the Parliament vote on the 14th; both police and protesters are getting injured – and when you look at this photo, it's easy to see why.

  • Political Stagnation, Slow Economy Hold Back Italy

    An interesting look at Italy's economic troubles from the always-insightful Sylvia Poggioli on NPR. (You can listen to the story or read a version of it.)

  • The Associated Press: Protests erupt as Italian PM Berlusconi wins vote

    The Italian Parliament held a "confidence" vote on Tuesday the 14th, which Berlusconi narrowly won – 314 votes for to 311 votes against. Immediately after the vote, protests in different parts of the country turned uglier, including fires in Rome ( and Milan ( (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • 10 Interesting New Year’s Rituals Travellers Should Know About

    Included among the many New Year's traditions on this list is the Italian tradition of wearing a new pair of red underwear on New Year's Eve. I'd heard that, but had never heard the other part listed here – that having sex on New Year's Eve ensures a happy relationship in the new year!

  • International tourism is down for Sicily in 2010

    With high tourism numbers overall in Italy, it's sad to note that tourist arrivals in Sicily were down in 2010. But hey, if you're looking for a place to go in Italy that isn't as popular or crowded, I guess that means Sicily is a great option!