Italy Travel News 12/21/2011

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: November 23rd through December 21st:




  • Top 5 Christmas gift ideas from Renaissance Florence
    The Italy Roundtable topic this month was "gifts," and Alexandra dug into the history books to offer the top Christmas gift ideas from Renaissance Florence.
  • The Gifts of Life
    Gloria's Italy Roundtable post was a bit late thanks to her best gift of the year – the birth of her son!
  • Italy Roundtable: The Blogging Gift
    It boggles my mind to think that there was a time Rebecca wasn't sharing her witticisms with the world, but it seems that's the case – as her Italy Roundtable post explains.
  • Give the Gift of Italian Culture
    Melanie offers a couple of "gifts that keep giving" ideas for those of you hoping to make a lasting Italy-related contribution this holiday season.
  • Gifts
    We asked other bloggers to participate in our Italy Roundtable this month, and this post by Katie about retrieving her safety deposit box after the Cinque Terre mudslides and flooding was a heart-wrenching one.
  • Made in Italy – handmade gifts by Florentine Artisans
    The Cross-Pollinate blog offers some tips for getting gifts that are truly "Made in Italy," honoring the craftsmen and women who create them.
  • Milan’s Christmas Bread: Panettone
    My latest post for Under the Tuscan Gun is about panettone, that famous Christmas bread that comes from Milan. Someone on Twitter mentioned making French toast with panettone, which sounds downright delightful to me!
  • Venice: 5 simple ways to save in Venice
    I love the guys at EuroCheapo, so I'm extra-pleased to have a guest post up on their blog – and it's about one of my favorite places in Italy on top of that!
  • Secrets of the Uffizi
    You all know about the room full of Botticellis at the Uffizi, and probably know about a few other famous masterpieces at the gallery, but here are five works of art that you might otherwise miss if you didn't know to look for them.
  • Venezia
    You know how much I love Venice… But really, this film is absolutely stunning. While watching it, all I could think was, "That's it, I must live in Venice one day." (via @samtravels on Twitter)
  • Ten-year-old boy among three killed in flash floods in Italy
    This is so sad; there's been more flash flooding and mudslides in Italy, this time in Sicily.
  • Le foto di «Sette» dalle Cinque Terre
    This is a new set of photos of the flood/mudslide damage in the Cinque Terre on the Corriere della Sara website – they were published on 24 November 2011.