Some of you may remember a post I wrote about the husband’s and my last trip to Italy, where we stopped outside Bologna to see a Ferrari Formula 1 car on the legendary car maker’s own test track. (That’s the outline of the track to the right – no, it’s […]

Another Close Encounter of the Ferrari Kind

Now, this would be something to see – Vatican soccer teams made up of priests and trainee clergyman start playing this Saturday in a bid for the Clericus Cup.   On February 19th Italy celebrated “World Slow Day,” which was apparently amazingly successful, as the announcement hit the sites I […]

Italian News Snippets: 24 February 2007

Want to see an Italian Formula 1 car in action, but don’t want to pay the high ticket prices at Monza or San Marino? Head to the Ferrari test track outside Bologna. The husband went to Monza in 2004 and had a glorious time (Ferrari was first and second on […]

Seeing (and Hearing) a Ferrari on its Home Turf: Fiorano’s ...