Planning a Trip

A Reading List for Italophiles

Not everyone can travel to Italy every year, or be in Italy whenever they want – so, for some, the next best thing is reading about Italy. Immersing oneself in a book about Italian culture or set in an Italian city can offer a delightful temporary escape – not to […]

Train Strikes in Italy: How to Prepare & What to Do

The trains in Italy are absolutely my favorite way to get around. They aren’t always the best option, but when they are I’ll choose the train every time. One problem, however, with being so biased toward a single mode of transportation is that when an Italian train strike pops up […]

How to Get from Florence to Naples (& vice versa)

Travelers interested in getting beyond the well-beaten Venice-Florence-Rome path without venturing into the hinterlands need look no further than the southern Italian capital of Naples. This huge city has the benefit of being on Italy’s high-speed rail line, and visitors can avoid being overwhelmed by simply ignoring most of the […]

2-Week Italy Itinerary: Romantic Italy

Italy is a famously romantic destination, and Americans are lucky to get two weeks of vacation each year – so I’m combining those two factoids in this romantic two-week Italy itinerary. This itinerary includes the romantic cities of Venice and Verona, the lakes in northern Italy, the hill towns of […]

Italy Roundtable: Italy’s Active Volcanoes

This month, the Italy Roundtable bloggers decided to get elemental – we each chose one of the Greek classical elements to apply to Italy in some way. Maybe because Italy’s in the midst of the coldest winter it has experienced in 27 years, maybe because my favorite color is orange, […]