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Italian News Snippets: 24 February 2007

Now, this would be something to see – Vatican soccer teams made up of priests and trainee clergyman start playing this Saturday in a bid for the Clericus Cup.   On February 19th Italy celebrated “World Slow Day,” which was apparently amazingly successful, as the announcement hit the sites I […]

Italy’s Prime Minister Resigns

Italy’s Premier, Romano Prodi, resigned his post today “after losing a Senate vote on his government’s foreign policy” regarding Italian troop levels in Afghanistan and the expansion of an American military base in Vicenza. Italian politics are nothing short of bewildering – this is, after all, a country that has […]



Italian News Snippets: 13 February 2007

There’s more Italian news out there than you can shake a prosciutto at. Veronica Lario, Mrs. Silvio Berlusconi, feels “more at peace” after having publicly asking for an apology from her flirting husband. Berlusconi himself might not feel quite so peaceful after making a comment about gays in Italy. Italian […]

Italian News Snippets: 4 February 2007

There’s more to the Italian news that a former premier’s flirting and his wife’s demand for a public apology. No, really – there is. Italy has suspended all soccer matches following the rioting and violence which ultimately resulted in the death of a policeman in Catania. Soccer fans the world […]


Italians Enthralled by Berlusconi’s Domestic Dispute, Don’t Approve of Wife’s Actions

As I noted earlier, Silvio Berlusconi and his wife, Veronica Lario, were in the midst of a rather public spat, one which (naturally) has had the country “in thrall” for the past few days. Now, the results of a poll have been released which indicate that although most Italians are […]

Berlusconi’s Wife Demands Public Apology for His Flirting

I don’t know too many women who would choose to scold a flirtatious husband by sending a letter to the editor of one of the largest newspapers in the country, but I doubt there are many women like former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi’s wife. A former actress, Veronica Lario is […]


Italian Politics: Can You Keep Track?

  Anyone who thinks the American political system is confusing is warned to not even attempt to figure out the Italian political system. (“System” might be a bit of a strong word to use there.) The husband actually did a bit of research into the whole process for an Italian […]