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Open Monuments Weekend in Italy: Private Sites Open for Free

Whether you’re a shoestring traveler or not, “free” is a very appealing word. This is one big reason why the annual “Open Monuments Weekend” in Italy is so worth keeping track of. Open Monuments Weekend in Italy happens every year on the weekend that falls closest to the first day […]

Venice Biennale Festival: Contemporary Art in an Historic City

When we think of the words “art” and “Italy” in the same sentence, it’s tempting to think only of the incredible array of world-famous masterpieces from centuries gone by that hang in some of the museums and galleries around the country. But Italy isn’t a country stuck in its past, […]

Five Favorite Places to Hike in Italy

Those who know me well know that while I appreciate the great outdoors, I’m not exactly a nature girl. I like a reasonable hike, but after an hour or so I’d rather be sipping wine and staring at something pretty than continuing a trek. Italy is, however, full of amazing […]