Getting Around in Italy: What You Need to Know

When you’re planning a trip, size matters. Take, for instance, the idea of planning a visit to the United States, or Canada, or Russia. No one without an unlimited amount of time would make a general statement like, “I’m going on a trip to the United States” without being more […]

Getting from Venice to the Cinque Terre (and Vice Versa)

Let’s just say you’re on your first trip through Italy and you’re using my “Perfect 2-Week Italy Itinerary” as your guide. You’ve had a glorious introduction to the country through the seemingly-impossible dream-like qualities of Venice, and now you’re ready for the second stop on your trip – the five […]

Getting from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venice (and Vice Versa)

Since I’m always telling people – whenever they’ll listen – that flying into Venice to start your trip in Italy is a great idea, and since Venice is the entry point on my perfect 2-week Italy itinerary, it’s probably about time that I write up an article about how to […]

How to Get from Italy to Croatia (and Vice Versa)

Many years ago, during a trip through Germany with the husband, we saw a television ad on CNN International that stopped us in our tracks. The vacation destinations advertised on that station were quite different than the ones we saw marketed to US audiences back home, so it wasn’t until […]

Getting from Rome to Florence (and Vice Versa)

As it happens, there are lots of people out there hunting for information about how to get from Rome to Florence or vice versa. And it’s not just because that trip is included on my perfect 2-week Italy itinerary, either (although that would be flattering). No, it’s that these two […]

How to Get from Rome to Venice (and Vice Versa)

In an ideal world, all the things you wanted to see in Italy would be really close to one another and easy to reach quickly, thereby limiting the amount of your precious vacation time you’d be spending in transit. But as the song goes, “you can’t always get what you […]