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I know not everyone who loves Italy loves Italian soccer (heck, not even all Italians love Italian soccer), but I happen to love both – and I’m really looking forward to the new Serie A season starting up on August 31 (even if my team last season didn’t leave me too optimistic about how things will go this season). I recently posted a primer on how to read an Italian soccer schedule, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight a new feature on a sister site – travel information for Italian soccer stadiums. Because after all, once you figure out when your team is playing, you need to know how to get there to see the game!

You may remember me mentioning the soccer blog The Offside before here on the Italy Travel Guide; well, they’ve recently added a new – and very cool – feature over there where you can look up travel information either by team or by stadium to find out more about where a team plays, where the stadium is in relation to the city, what the nearest airport is, some directions on how to get there, and even some hotels and hostels to check out that are close to the stadium. It’s a fantastic addition, especially for people who are just passing through a city but may want to catch a soccer game while they’re in town.

This list of team travel information and stadium travel information (the pages are different, and it’s worth it to check both) is good for the 2010-2011 Serie A season.


Have a peek at my post about seeing a soccer game at San Siro, too, for some insights into getting tickets for games & what to expect when you go.

Travel information for some former Serie A football clubs that have been relegated:

2 thoughts on “Italian Soccer Stadium Travel Information

  • Azzurri Fan

    Hello, do you know which stadium Italy’s national team plays in? I want to get tickets for the Italy v. Bulgaria game and I think the venue is in Rome….

  • Jessica Post author

    So far, the venue isn’t listed on Wikipedia for that game (neither is the city):

    If it is Rome, I can’t imagine it’d be anything but the Stadio Olimpico there (where the Champion’s League final was this year, where both Lazio & Roma play). Make sure it is Rome, though – the national team plays all over the country, there isn’t one set stadium they always play in. So far in the qualifications they’ve played in Bari, Lecce, & Udine.

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