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Cheap Hostels in Aquila

The Abruzzo region in central Italy is often overlooked by tourists, although the region made the international news in 2009 when a massive earthquake reduced several historic cities to ruin. The city at the center of that earthquake and which suffered a huge amount of damage was L’Aquila. L’Aquila has […]

Cheap Hostels in Lecce

Lecce is the capital of the southern region of Puglia – the heel to Italy’s boot – and a city of great importance to the region. It’s certainly not a small town, and in addition to the historic monuments and attractions the city also offers visitors some of Puglia’s famous […]

Cheap Hostels in Lucca

There’s something appealing about old walled cities, and the town of Lucca in northern Tuscany is no exception. It’s by no means off the beaten path, in that it’s been popular with tourists for many decades, but it’s a small enough town that many people still use it as a […]

Cheap Hostels in Parma

The city of Parma is familiar to foodies as the birthplace of some of the most famous edible Italian exports – especially parmigiano-reggiano cheese and prosciutto. But the city is also home to one of Italy’s big universities and has a pretty historic center that’s absolutely worth a visit. Perhaps […]